Still from Pip Blom 's video for "Tiger."

New Pip Blom: Tiger

Video: Pip Blom – “Tiger”

Directed by Kars van den Heuvel. Single out now on Heavenly.

Amsterdam’s Pip Blom is back with the first single from an as yet unnamed upcoming album. A lot more synthy and bloopy than their previous guitar-driven stuff but it still retains their upbeat european charm.

Pip says, “It’s my favourite song off the album, and quite different to what we’ve done before. I don’t want to sound arrogant, and I find these things difficult to say about my own tracks, but it’s quite an earworm! It’s good to surprise people with a new sound, and though it still sounds like a Pip Blom track because it has my voice on it and the melodies I tend to write, it feels like it’s from a different source. I wanted to be bold and do something new.”

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