Still from Shalom's "Soccer Mommy" showing Shalom singing with a band in a basement.

New Shalom video: Soccer Mommy

Video: Shalom – “Soccer Mommy”

Directed by Arturo Baston. From Sublimation, out March 10 on Saddle Creek.

Remember a couple weeks ago when we said that Shalom’s “Happenstance” featured the perfect way to start a song? Oops, she did it again:

I did a bunch of drugs before I turned 21
Ate two tabs once a week for a whole month straight.

Don’t worry, mom. She eventually figures things out.

Shalom Obisie-Orlu says, “This song is about a time in my life that I used to be very upset and embarrassed about, but now I’m like, wow, I feel so much better after writing this song. It’s called ‘Soccer Mommy’ because I got my driver’s license in late 2019 and spent my first year on the road listening to Color Theory and thinking about my 20-year-old self who didn’t deserve the things that happened to her. I love Soccer Mommy. I’m terrified of driving, but I always felt brave listening to ‘Circle The Drain’ on 287 south.”

Be bold! Be strong! For Sophie Allison is with you!

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