Kid Congo and Alice Bag in the video for "Wicked World.”

New Kid Congo: Wicked World

Video: Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds (ft. Alice Bag) – “Wicked World”

Directed by Christopher Carlone. From That Delicious Vice, out April 19 on In the Red.

You know the saying: “Old punks never die, they just stand in the back.” But sometimes they’re right up front. Kid Congo who made his name with the Cramps and the Bad Seeds has teamed up with Alice Bag of the Bags for a new song. If there’s such a thing as L.A. punk royalty these two could be its king and queen.

“It’s really great to be playing with someone who I’ve known for over 40 years,” Kid says. “I respect her as an artist. I respect her stance as a feminist. I respect that she’s such a great role model for a lot of young Chicano kids. We have a lot of parallels that make it joyful.”

Warning: This fuzzed out bass-six riff is guaranteed to get stuck in your head!

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