Kula Shaker - Natural Magick

New Kula Shaker: Natural Magick

Video: Kula Shaker – “Natural Magick”

Directed by Crispian Mills. From Natural Magick, out February 2 on Strange F.O.L.K.

Brit Pop aficionados will remember the time between The Stone Roses’ eponymous first album and their follow-up, The Second Coming, as “the one hundred year drought.” We clamored for whatever we could get our hands on that would even remotely moisten our sun-dried lips and usually ended up with The Charlatans (who were fantastic, don’t get me wrong).

Even in the years following The Second Coming, other bands attempted to fill that lemon-sized hole, including Kula Shaker. A funky party of a band, Kula Shaker had some success with their eastern-infused tub thumpers like “Tattva”, “Hey Dude”, “Govinda”, “Hush”, and “Sound of Drums.” But critics hated them and they broke up for a while, reformed, and broke up again.

Now they’re back (for now) with another bong water soup of a song that is sure to get your flares swaying. Backed with a retro video, these guys know how to tap the sentimentality vein and pump it full. I am here for it.

Kula Shaker: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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