Matthew Houck in the back of a car in the video for Phosphorescent's "Impossible House."

New Phosphorescent: Impossible House

Video: Phosphorescent – “Impossible House”

Directed by Curtis Wayne Millard. From Revelator, out April 5 on Verve.

I love Phosphorescent. Matthew Houck is one of my favorite songwriters and his voice never fails to break my heart. But there’s something decidedly weird about hearing him reference a dopey Macaulay Culkin movie as a metaphor for the sense of dread and abandonment looming over a relationship.

Went to your palace and hid
As the thieves approached the throne
Like that McCallister kid
You have been left at home alone.

Does that work, or is it just goofy? It still might be too early to tell. We’ll have to give it some time and see how it sits in the context of the album. You never know. Maybe it will eventually hit me in the face like a bucket of paint.

Phosphorescent: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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