Sadie Dupuis in the studio from the Speedy Ortiz video for "Ranch vs. Ranch."

New Speedy Ortiz: Ranch vs. Ranch

Video: Speedy Ortiz – “Ranch vs. Ranch”

From Rabbit Rabbit, out now on Wax Nine.

Love this groovy Speedy Ortiz rocker that reminds me of all the coolest songs from the 90s. I don’t understand what any of the lyrics mean but I love the line: “Fuck off, my cackle shimmers like some crystal.”

Guitarist Andy Molholt who shot the video says, “In March 2022, Speedy Ortiz was finally back in the studio. I brought along my family’s treasured Hi8 camcorder from the early aughts to document our saga, hoping to capture some little and big moments along the way in the style of vacations past. Two years ago easily feels like ten to me now, and watching the footage feels like finding a time capsule full of lost gems. It’s a warm reminder of how much fun we had making Rabbit Rabbit, and of how integral the two eponymous ranches—Rancho de la Luna [in Joshua Tree, California] and Sonic Ranch [in Tornillo, Texas]—were to this record. […] If you get the chance, I highly recommend taking a bunch of footage of your life, then putting it away for several years. It’s nice to be reminded about how lucky we are to spend time with the people we care about!”

Unlike a lot of people of my pre-iPhone generation I have a lot of video footage of my youth. Throughout much of high school and college I was lugging a bigass VHS camera around with me. Since I’m positive most of the footage is extremely cringey I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch any of it in decades. I’ve got all my tapes in a box in a basement, secretly hoping they just rot away. But maybe it’s time to dust them off and check them out. It might be nice to be reminded about how lucky we were to spend time with the people we cared about.

Speedy Ortiz: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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