Ty Segall's two dachschunds.

New Ty Segall: My Best Friend

Video: Ty Segall – “My Best Friend”

Directed by Ty Segall. From Three Bells, out now on Drag City.

Wiener dogs are the best. Ty Segall obviously agrees. A dachshund is a big dog trapped in the body of a little dog. They have a big bark and big personalities. But they fit comfortably on your lap. They’re like a cat who actually cares about pleasing you. They’ll even hunt mice. They’re the best of all possible worlds.

I’m on my third dachshund. First there was Frankie who we got as soon as we had an apartment with a yard. I worshiped her. A year later we got her a pal, Georgia, and Frankie full-on hated her for at least two years. They eventually became pals and would curl up in their bed, yin-and-yang style. Frank had attitude but George was sweet and dopey and never once barked or even growled except in her sleep. George lived to be 14 and Frank held on for a few more years. After George was gone, Frank was going downhill so we decided to her a new pal to see if that would brighten her spirits. Birdie had been in a puppy mill situation, bred too young and had a complicated litter that resulted in a hysterectomy rendering her useless to the breeders. Frankie completely ignored her. Maybe she just couldn’t see her or hear her since she had gone totally blind and deaf by then. Frank lived to be almost 19. So now it’s just Bird. And she’s the best. Her traumatic early life has made her completely anxious and needy and that’s alright: I work from home and I rarely leave the house. I hope Bird has Frankie’s longevity because I can’t imagine life without her.

All I need is my best friend, I do.
All I need is my best friend, I do.

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