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This is the One: Manchester United and Stone Roses Collab

A few years ago a friend and coworker asked me, a dedicated Beatles fanatic, why I would support Manchester City as my Premier League team. Shouldn’t it be Liverpool, if anyone? Well, I guess so, yeah. But I told him that my gateway to EPL wasn’t the Fabs at all, but an entirely different branch of my musical family tree: Johnny Marr. Because he was a very vocal City fan and I was a very vocal fan of his, I went the way of the Blue.

But all family trees are complicated and sometimes families disagree. And so it comes with great frustration that a new collab from The Stone Roses is not with City, but their cross-town rivals, Manchester United!

Launched this week with a cool short video featuring players from throughout United’s modern era lauding the Old Trafford (the Man U home pitch) over The Stone Roses’ “This Is The One” is a handy piece of marketing. Football/Soccer culture is steeped in tradition and nostalgia, so it’s a pretty nice stroke to create this pairing. James Holroyd, Chief Commercial Development Officer at Manchester United, summed it up: “This collection recognises our joint histories in a way that connects with both older fans and the new generation of supporters.”

Watch the video below and check out the entire line here.


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