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New Judas Priest video: Lightning Strike

Video: Judas Priest – “Lightning Strike”

Judas Priest - Lightning Strike (Official Video)

From Firepower, out March 9 on Sony Music.

The thing about being a Judas Priest fan is that it is not based on rationality. Unless, of course, you think sitting in a dark basement room with your favorite bottle listening to “Better By You, Better Than Me” is reasonable. It’s not. It’s quite insane. And that is rather the point (of entry).

And so it is that Halford and company have headed out to the highway once again, cranking up the speed of a heavy kind with the new release “Lightning Strike.” Yes, if there is one positive message the boys from Birmingham want to get across it is that whilst lightning may not strike twice, the Demons from Hell do. Fifty million times, as a matter of fact. Not to mention untold millions of metal maniacs in heavy metal parking lots all around the world.

Were we to judge the old gents from the thorns they produce we’d be obliged to say that they do look and sound pretty good for men who surely lost touch with reality lo so many years ago. Crunching guitar(s)? Of course. Lyrics equivalent to the ramblings of a mental patient obsessed with the occult? You bet. Will this satisfy the fans of yore? Well that is not so easy to answer.

Do you suppose that a Chicago Bulls fan from say, 1993, is quite pleased with the product put on the floor today? After all, it’s still NBA basketball and they are amazingly talented. Err, but some of the old magic is not quite there now is it?

Now before you get too concerned and think your buddy Crustin does not like the music please don’t misunderstand. As one who has reaped a living nightmare from hell since the good old days of Sin After Sin, the latest video, album, and I am sure subsequent tour, are perfectly in line with those of us who are legion, and live beyond the realms of death.

Oh, and it is not as horrific as “Turbo Lover.”

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An Apologia for the Video Gaming Youth

Grand Theft Auto IVWe don’t suffer a cultural malaise due to ‘immediate gratification’ and its ill effects. Rather immediate gratification syndrome is a symptom of our culture because the youth, who are not a part of institutional power (largely because they don’t wish to follow the lead of the clearly inept), suffer because the people who are a part of the power-structure (in all its manifestations—and there is little anymore not beholden to indiscriminate power, and this is, obviously, due in large part to capitalist greed) really do think that they are something special, something better, somehow more deserving, and this repression of talent leads our youth to endeavors such as video games where it is the talent and the skill of the player that matters most.

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Record Reviews are Worthless

Keep music evilWe at Glorious Noise try to be open minded. We like to think of ourselves as music fans first. But in the three and half years GLONO has been around, we have barely touched on Metal as a genre. That’s a shame and to remedy the situation, we are proud to introduce a new contributor, D. Alan Nash.

“In our youth we still venerate and despise without the art of nuance…”—Nietzsche

Ten years ago I heard a friend, on a mountain-top of Sativa, say “Rockin’ with Dokken!” And the humorous thing for those of us involved is that he really meant it. Now, ten days ago, I heard the very same friend denounce this same group. Was he more right either of these times?

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