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Glorious Noise Interview with Boy Crisis

Boy Crisis In July 2008, the Guardian hailed Brooklyn-based quintet Boy Crisis as, “the hottest electronic pop group to emerge from America since, ooh, MGMT at least.” In the next year, largely on the strength of the playful single “Dressed to Digress,” the group signed a high-profile record deal with B-Unique, recorded an album, and went on tour in the UK.

In the next year, however, something happened. The anticipated Tulipomania never came out. They were seemingly dropped from their label. The quintet turned into a trio. Concomitantly, frontman Victor Vasquez’s side project, Das Racist (a rap trio comprised of Vazquez, Himanshu Suri, and Ashok Kondabolou), began gaining momentum. But there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Boy Crisis. We met up with the band after their show at Bonnaroo and discussed their past, their present, and their plans for the future.

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