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Pac-Man Fever?

Inspired by the discussion on the GLONO bulletin boards, we asked frequent poster Joshua Rogers to take a deeper look at music in video games in this GLONO Feature article. – ed.

The inspiration for Glorious Noise is how rock and roll can change your life. I’ve been given an opportunity to describe how rock and roll has changed video games, and thusly the lives of those of us who partake of them regularly (read: chronically).

In the world of video games, music was once little more than a series of notes to add a little style to the title. Aside from the chunky tones of a rumbling engine or the classic sine-wave sound of a laser blast, the processors didn’t have the capacity to produce remotely moving music. Well, the technology has changed as much as the cultures that use it, and gamers are finally treated to playing with music that is truly part of an immersive gaming experience.

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