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Roger Waters performing The Wall

The WallRoger Waters at the United Center

Chicago, September 21, 2010

Far better music critics than myself have both panned and praised Pink Floyd‘s The Wall ad infinitum since the releases of the album and film by the same title roughly 30 years ago. At this point, most music aficionados have well defined opinions of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and The Wall, so I’ll leave all of that alone.

What I will say is that the concert I attended last night still has me trying to figure out what the hell I just saw. I mean that in the best way possible.

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Plumbing the Depths with Breech

Breech - Tarnish and UndressGLONO contributor Jude Lemrow recently caught up with Missy Gibson and Mike Gibson of Breech. A lot has changed for this LA-based band since we last checked in with them in 2002. Bass-players have come and gone, a new child has entered Missy’s and Mike’s lives, and a new record is due to be released next week.

Tarnish and Undress is more lush and layered than some of Breech’s past recordings. The songs are edgy, powerful, provocative, and beautiful, as Breech fans would expect. GLONO talked shop with Missy and Mike and here’s what they had to say.

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Breech: Just Add Water

A Glorious Noise interview with Breech.

Getting attention for an up and coming band can be daunting. There are thousands of up-starts throughout the country and picking through those that are worthwhile is like separating sugar from salt. Zealous bands could just literally grab audience members by the throat until they listen, but why not just have a bake sale? Contributing writer Jude Lemrow interviews Missy Gibson of the Los Angeles rock outfit Breech, who have made their mark with their intense live shows and irresistible pistachio bread. Read more.

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