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GLONO Interview: The Cold War Kids

The Cold War KidsThe Soul of California’s Blues, An Interview with the Cold War Kids

Sitting casually at a back table of a musky Ethiopian restaurant is a quartet of musicians from Long Beach, California who have been the target of overwhelming critical acclaim since the October release of their debut LP, Robbers & Cowards, on Downtown Records.

They are known as the Cold War Kids, arriving in New York City for their national television debut on David Letterman’s Late Show, which is scheduled for taping the following night.

After a short round of introductions that included Nathan Willet (Piano/Vox), Jonnie Russell (Guitar), Matt Maust (Bass), and Matt Averio (Drums), a petite waitress graciously approaches the fold, with a round of caffeinated steaming teas as selections from the Eastern menu are subsequently requested.

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Gov’t Mule interview: The Gigs at the Break of Dawn

Warren Haynes of Gov't MuleThe Glorious Noise Interview with Warren Haynes of Gov’t Mule

Indianapolis, Indiana

The brutal honesty relayed within the elaborate tales built around Blues, Soul, and Gospel music have proven to be a dear old musical friend to the cultural climate of this still young nation. Its transcendent nature is a constant echo of the purest incarnation originating from the deepest, darkest belly of the American South and graced with a shelf-life immune to the generational blitz of revolving modern trends. Existing as an antidotal underbelly to mainstream culture, the roots of American music continue to overshadow the accomplishments of Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, AFI, the All American Rejects, and even manages to remain cooler than that pesky yellow bracelet that pop culture has so widely glorified as the key to the mainstream city.

The gap in musical evolution has left the sheer swagger and beauty of this land’s finest musical contribution reduced to nothing more than a faint whisper blowing along the delta shores of the Mississippi.

Keeping it alive is a core group of practitioners who still have Blues running through their veins and embedded in their blood; spawning a discussion on the state of American music and the release of a new studio achievement with who other than resident Allman Brother and Gov’t Mule founder, Warren Haynes, who is about to spend another New Years at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

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