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Of Montreal: Changing Your Month

Of Montreal - There's no future in that.Fueled by love, frosted with joyous psychedelia, and infused with subtle percussive polyrhythms, Satanic Panic in the Attic (review) has already been getting word of mouth buzz as one of the best records of the year. Now, fanning the flames of fame as a flamboyantly flexible sextet extended by blends of friends, Of Montreal proudly un-frowns wowed crowds with stridently styled guile. Surreally appealing, with skits that are scene stealing, the band deals a meal of real rock and roll with more than a feeling. Why did they wish again to come to Michigan? Climbing the ladder and connecting the dots, Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes surveys the scene, selflessly soliloquizes on the folly of bucolic solitude, and takes pains to explain why he would like to write music that changes your month.

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Glorious Noise Interview with Ric Menck of Velvet Crush

It’s a pretty ballsy move for a band to name an album, Teenage Symphonies to God. Every rock snob worth his or her weight in vinyl knows the story of Brian Wilson’s abandoned Smile project and how his overwhelming goal to create “teenage symphonies to God” drove him straight into madness (by way of his sandbox and his bedroom). While it’s unclear whether or not the members of Velvet Crush went cuckoo after recording their breakthrough 1994 album, there’s no denying that they ended up with a great pop album.

They’ve continued to release great stuff, and Glorious Noise jumped on the chance to send our new man on the scene, Ryan King, to interview VC drummer, Ric Menck. Read the full interview.

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