Whats up with kids hiphop?

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Whats up with kids hiphop?

Post by Raiden32 »

Anyone know any kids hiphop that isnt all weird like kidzbop? My little cousin really likes hiphop but it cant be all gangsta like, was looking at maybe getting him some will smith cds or something, maybe some stuff from jammx.com which is another pretty clean hiphop group. I listen to mostly rock but for hiphop i like stuff like kayne west, immortal technique...etc
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Post by thinsafetypin »

ah dang. just saw the "spammer" tag. nevermind.
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Post by steve-o »

Everyone knows NWA is great for the kids.
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Post by stickman45 »

Smut Peddlers, all the way.
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Post by D. Phillips »

Ghetto Boyz?
Josh B.
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Post by Josh B. »

I don't know about y'all but I was raised on a strict diet of Slick Rick.

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Post by Sven Killer Robot Spacema »

You should rent "Menace Two Society" to watch with them this weekend.
It's a great kids movie.
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Re: Whats up with kids hiphop?

Post by Jake »

Raiden32 wrote:maybe some stuff from jammx.com which is another pretty clean hiphop group.
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Post by Tom4 »

Get him the Danger Doom album. MF Doom calls himself the Chevy Chase of the rap game. He's funny and kinda cartoonish.
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Post by n8 »

or you could throw his ass to the street and let him learn about hip-hop that way. maybe will smith will find him and come to his aid.
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