Dhani Harrison's band has a new EP coming out

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Dhani Harrison's band has a new EP coming out

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TRACK STREAM at http://lat.ms/p5Yuh8

(Los Angeles, CA) … Thenewno2 (Dhani Harrison, Jeremy Faccone, Nick Fyffe, Jonathan Sadoff, Frank Zummo, Paul Hicks) announce the release of their second EP, EP002 out September 27th through Harrison’s own Hot Records Ltd. The band also announces three shows kicking off at School Night at Bardot in Los Angeles, CA on August 29th along with two shows at Pearl Jam 20 Festival on September 3rd and 4th in Alpine Valley, WI.

EP002 was created in Los Angeles and outside London. GRAMMY winners Harrison and Hicks were both instrumental in the recording process including the producing, engineering and mixing the project. Featured in the collective spirit of thenewno2, the EP features guest appearances with RZA, Crisis, Sir Eyes, and Regina Spektor. World-renowned street artist Ben Eine created original artwork for the release. Known for his prolific typography in his own trademark colors, Eine reached international fame when David Cameron presented one of his works to President Obama as a gift on his first official state visit.

The EP comes in the wake of the band’s 2008 critically acclaimed debut, You Are Here. After wrapping their national tour Harrison focused on his front-man side project, Fistful of Mercy featuring Harrison, Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur. Their debut was released in October 2010 and was named “One of the Best Side Projects of 2010” by NPR.

Currently, thenewno2 is back in the studio and finalizing their sophomore album due out in early 2012.

“Mr. President” stream featuring RZA, Crisis, and Sir Eyes: http://lat.ms/p5Yuh8



August 29th Los Angeles, CA School Night at Bardot
September 3rd Alpine Valley, WI Pearl Jam 20 Festival
September 4th Alpine Valley, WI Pearl Jam 20 Festival

Wide Awake:

1. Wide Awake
2. Mr. President (Featuring RZA, Crisis, and Sir Eyes)
3. Live a Lie (Featuring Regina Spektor)
4. Mr. President (ph’d ‘One Nation’ Remix)


Dhani Harrison- vocals/guitar
Jeremy Faccone- guitar
Nick Fyffe- bass
Jonathan Sadoff- keyboard/guitar
Frank Zummo- drums
Paul Hicks- keyboard/programming

About Ben Eine: http://einesigns.co.uk/biography
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