Older Albums?

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Older Albums?

Post by Nigredo »

I was listening to the samples from "Jalopy" and "Fizzle Out and Fly Right" and was wondering if it's possible to purchase these albums? I can only find "Taro Sound". Specifically, from what I've heard, I'm liking Fizzle Out and Fly Right's version of "Stiletto" and "Living, But Living" and Jalopy's "So I Wrote a Song" and "Nature Abhors a Vaccum" -- but it'd be nice to hear the rest of the songs, so, I'm hoping it's possible to purchase them online.
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Post by Jake »

Nigredo, you can order the older albums directly from the band. Go to www.quasarwutwut.com and click the Store link, and you can order them via PayPal from there.
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