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New Beastie Boys Album: The Mix Up

What’s up with the new Beastie Boys album? The NME claims The Mix Up will “hark to the style of the band’s classic albums Check Your Head and Paul’s Boutique.” Contradicting this, they quote Mike D saying, “We play instruments on the whole album, as opposed to sampling.” Paul’s Boutique, of course, was 100% glorious Dust Brotherly samples. So which is it?

To confuse matters further, Mike D tells the Fr0k that “it’s an instrumental album. There are no vocals, no samples.” How does that hark to the style of Paul’s Boutique at all? The only instrumental on Paul’s is the silly “5-Piece Chicken Dinner,” which was actually just a snippet of “Shuckin’ The Corn” from the Deliverance soundtrack.

My theory: the dope who wrote the NME article has never listened to Paul’s Boutique.

More Mike D quotes and the track list after the jump…

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Jack White Sells Out of Detroit

wsj-jack-white.gifCongrats to Jack White for the sale of his house in Detroit. According to the Wall Street Journal, the house sold “for $590,000, well below its initial $930,000 asking price.” It’s a tough market where houses are cheaper than cars!

Other tidbits from the article:

• Mr. White bought the property in 2003 for $524,000, records show.

• The house has been on the market since “last August.”

• Mr. White recorded his hit 2005 album Get Behind Me Satan in the foyer of the 5,800-square-foot home.

• The buyers are a retired couple from Maryland.

• He paid “about $3.1 million” for his “nearly 20,000-square-foot” house in Nashville in December 2005.

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Remembering Lester Bangs

His moustache is way cooler than your stupid indie haircut will ever be.Since today is the 25th anniversary of Lester Bangs gobbling enough Darvon to kill a walrus, we thought it would be a good day to remind you why we’re all still talking about him: his rock and roll writing.

Reviving a tradition that we started back in the very early days of Glorious Noise after we got a hold of a collection of old Rolling Stones, here are a bunch of classic record reviews by Lester Bangs from the Stone.

Elsewhere today, Jim DeRogatis, author of the bio Let It Blurt, appreciates the fact that his Bangs’ writing remains inspirational.

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Courtney Selling Kurt’s Stuff – ALL OF IT

As if selling licensing of Kurt’s songs for video game ads or shitty TV shows weren’t enough, Courtney Love now plans to sell off nearly all of his remaining possessions under her control. I guess the massive money dead celebrity auctions is taking in these days is just too much to pass up.

Would selling off all her father’s keepsakes ultimately rob daughter Francis Bean of her birthright? “My daughter doesn’t need to inherit a giant hefty bag full of flannel fucking shirts,” said Love. “A sweater, a guitar and the lyrics to ‘(Smells Like) Teen Spirit’ — that’s what my daughter gets. And the rest of it we’ll just fucking sell.”

And Courtney drops further in the collective eyes of Nirvana fans…

Question of the Day: When Courtney dies, what are the three things you think Bean should hold onto?

Two Cow Garage Finally Getting Props

GLONO friends and killer live band Two Cow Garage gets some love from MSNBC. It’s an odd write-up that quotes someone else as saying Two Cow has some similarities to Zeppelin and Quiet Riot (!?!?), a claim singer Micah Schnabel doesn’t deny. When pressed to describe his own impression of Two Cow’s sound, Micah said, “Probably a John-Cougar-Mellencamp-fronting-Nirvana thing. But I don’t know, that may be way off base.” It’s not, actually.

I hear there’s (finally) a No Depression feature on the boys in the works too. It’s about time these guys got some wider exposure. Heaven knows we’ve been tooting their horn for years…

MP3: Two Cow Garage – “Blanket Gray” from III, just released on Shelterhouse. Also, check out album highlight, “Should’ve California.” If you buy the album from their site, the band gets to keep more of the money.

Previously on GLONO: Introducing Glorious Noise Video with Two Cow Garage; Top Shelf 2005; MP3: Two Cow Garage – 135; The Long Way Around: One Badass Year with Two Cow Garage; Second Chances: Two Cow Garage.

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Neil Aspinall Leaves Beatles, Apple

The BeatlesLongtime friend and former road manager of the Beatles, Neil Aspinall, has resigned as CEO of Apple Corp. Taking his place is former Legacy Recordings/SonyBMG executive Jeff Jones.

Aspinall was a childhood friend of George Harrison and Pete Best, and had first attempted to quit the Beatles when they sacked the drummer, but Best talked him out of it.

His explanation for leaving now: “He has decided to move on.”

Back in 1967, after Brian Epstein died, Aspinall was briefly considered to take over NEMS. But according to Bob Spitz, at the time “even George Martin thought Neil lacked ‘sufficient clout’ and, applying typical British prejudice, ‘was out of his class’ in dealing with the genteel executives who ran major record labels.” He has since, of course, proved otherwise.

I wonder if his ouster had anything to do with EMI’s dealings with iTunes, or perhaps the long overdue remastering of he Beatles catalog…

MC5 Movie Lawsuit Resolved?

Detroit Tango publishes the United States District Court’s Findings Of Fact And Conclusions Of Law (along with some pointed commentary) in the case that prevented the MC5 documentary, A True Testimonial, from being distributed.

The gist: the judge ruled in favor of the filmmakers.

CASE NO. CV 05-8381 AG (CTx)

The Honorable Andrew J. Guilford, United States District Judge, issued his ruling on March 31, 2007. My favorite “fact” is this one:

31. Defendants were first-time filmmakers who spent eight years of their lives trying to create a documentary film that would be historically truthful, a documentary that would celebrate the talent and creativity of the MC5 band, a documentary that would say something about the 60’s, and would say something about the present. They succeeded, and the film merits wide distribution for the enjoyment and edification of the masses.

I’ve seen the movie and I wholeheartedly agree with Judge Guilford: it deserves to be seen. Let’s hope everyone involved can set aside their differences and get this movie out to the people who need to see it. Hey Rhino, make it happen!

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March’s Most Popular GLONO Items

10. Emo Game: I’m All Smart Like That – Our 2002 interview with the silly game’s creator. Emo, apparently, is still very big on the internet.

9. The OC Finale: A Summer Without Summer – Our Season One wrap-up. Ah, the good old days…

8. The Shangri-Las’ Mary Weiss Signs to Norton – The album, Dangerous Game, is out now.

7. MP3: Wilco – What Light

6. Coachella 2006

5. Review: Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

See the final four after the jump…

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The RIAA Doesn’t Always Win

Home taping is killing music.Sometimes it seems like every single sucker who gets hassled by the RIAA for filesharing rolls over and pays the $3,750 settlement to put the whole mess behind them. A lot of them do. But more and more people are refusing to be coerced into accepting that deal.

And lately, when people fight it, they seem to be winning. Recently, a dude had his lawyer send a letter threatening to countersue for malicious prosecution, and the record company just dropped the suit.

And the latest update in lawsuit against Patti Santangelo (remember her from last year? Help Fight Goliath: Mom vs. RIAA) is that the RIAA is trying to drop its case against her without paying her legal bills. The judge refused to allow the RIAA to drop the case without prejudice, so they’ll either have to drop it with prejudice and pay her bills, or take it trial and surely lose.

Follow all this crazy legal shit on Recording Industry vs The People.

White Stripes Icky Thump Details Emerge

Reports from CMJ and Billboard reveal some interesting details about the upcoming White Stripes album, Icky Thump, due in mid-June via Third Man/Warner Bros.

Update: Release date = June 19, 2007. Also: cover art.

For those of you with attention spans too short to read the articles:

• There is no piano…

• “Conquest” is set to a hot tango rhythm, featuring a trumpeter that White discovered playing a Mexican restaurant…

• Bagpipes and a rollicking Scottish dance structure are applied to “Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn,” capped by the refrain of “lai-de-lai-de-li-oh.”

• “St. Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)” is a spoken-word piece performed by Meg.

• Several tracks are punctuated with synths and Wurlitzer…

• Clocks in at 48 minutes.

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