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All Good 2010 vs. Rothbury 2009: Weighing In On The Best Midwestern Jam Band Fest

Rothbury 2009Last summer we embarked on our first jam band journey, driving a mere three hours across Michigan to attend Rothbury. Within hours of our arrival, we were hooked on the camping festival vibe and by the time we left, we had vowed to attend again in 2010. Unfortunately, Rothbury had to take a hiatus this year due to the venue’s bankruptcy sale. Apparently this process dragged on long enough that the promoters were not able to book a high quality lineup, as bands had already committed to other festivals. This was actually a blessing in disguise, as it forced us to find another festival to attend. And we found two: All Good, in Masontown, WV, and Hoxeyville, in Northern Michigan.

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All Good Report: Day 3

All Good FestivalAll Good Festival: Day 3

Marvin’s Mountaintop, West Virginia, July 10, 2010

The third day of any music festival is when things get really funky. Your feet are caked with dirt and you smell, and two days of trying not to use the Port-A-Johns are beginning to catch up with you. You’ve now spent the better part of two days saturated by music, and the novelty of it all is beginning to wear off. It takes more for a Saturday act to wow you, no matter how much you may or may not have blunted your senses over the past two days.

It’s clear that after 14 years, the people programming the All Good lineup know and understand this. Which is why Saturday’s lineup included such upbeat, dance-your-ass-off-in-the-sun bands like The Macpodz, Rebelution, and Parliament/Funkadelic. That trio rocked the house Saturday, sharing the common vibe of big bass beats and funky grooves that served as a counterpoint to Saturday headliner Widespread Panic.

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All Good Report: Day 2

All Good FestivalAll Good Festival: Day 2

Marvin’s Mountaintop, West Virginia, July 9, 2010

Furthur picks people up and carries them away, appropriate enough for a band named after a bus. Their four-hour show Friday night — on the 15th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s last show — was transcendent. After an afternoon of heat followed by an evening of rain, it made for a perfect night, the second of this four-day fest.

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All Good Report: Day 1

All Good FestivalAll Good Festival: Day 1

Marvin’s Mountaintop, West Virginia, July 8, 2010

All Good kicked off with a night of homage to the spirit that infuses every jam band festival, the long departed, fondly remembered, and still crucially important Grateful Dead. Former Dead vocalist Donna Jean Godchaux opened the musical celebration, one of several former Dead members scheduled to take the stage this weekend. While many in the audience are here for Friday’s four-hour scheduled performance by Further, Thursday night was the warmup that may overshadow that headliner.

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Lots of Links: Twitter Roundup #17

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. 219 tweets including 138 links and 97 retweets. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

Jeff Sabatini and Mike Vasquez are tweeting for GLONO from the All Good Festival in West Virginia, although word from Sab is that network connectivity there is awful. But tune in for updates.

# Internet success requires trust. RT @annkpowers: Prince and the Internet, a history (tragedy?) http://tinyurl.com/2bn54a5

# RT @Johnny_Marr: World Premier of Inception in Leicester Sq, London last night. Guitars on the score by Johnny Marr.

# Everything here is leaning on an angle because of the mountain. It’s disconcerting to say the least. #allgood

Lots more below, and you might consider joining the 841 other people following us on Twitter so you can keep up with this stuff as it happens…

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It’s Going To Be All Good

All Good FestivalThe All Good Music Festival, which starts a week from today, has finally posted its schedule here. As expected, headliners are Dark Star Orchestra on Thursday, Furthur on Friday, and Widespread Panic on Saturday, with Keller Williams wrapping things up early on Sunday evening.

I have to say, I’m sad to see George Clinton relegated to the blue-plate-special time of 5:45pm on Saturday, especially since he’s only been given a little over an hour. And what’s with local Ann Arbor homies the Macpodz getting a noon set on Saturday? At least I won’t have to fight a big crowd to see them.

The best news as far as I am concerned is that Grace Potter is scheduled early enough Sunday that I can probably stick around to see her set and still be able to drive back in time for work Monday morning (which is looking like a great day to work from home).

Stay tuned for more All Good coverage, including our big Rothbury ’09 vs. All Good ’10 Battle Royale. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that Mike Vasquez and I make it back alive.

Glorious Noise Interview with the Founder of the All Good Festival

All Good FestivalTim Walther is the founder of the All Good Festival. He also runs his own promotion company – Walther Productions – and manages Dark Star Orchestra, who we’ve covered here, and will also be playing All Good this year.

The jam band phenomenon (and the festivals that support it) has grown and evolved over fifteen years now, and All Good was at the beginning of it. We put together some questions for Tim about the evolution of All Good and this year’s event (July 8 – 11), which he kindly answered through an email exchange.

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It’s all good: The All Good Festival

All Good FestivalWhen I began thinking about putting this preview together, I thought I’d feature two or three bands I was looking forward to seeing at the All Good Festival this summer. But I couldn’t limit it to three. There are truly too many bands I’m really excited about seeing this year.

This is good news, because GLONO will be making the trek to West Virginia for four days of music, fun, and sun, July 8 – 11. Headlining the All Good Festival is Furthur, with Phil Lesh and Bob Weir. I’ve seen them twice already this year – read about it here and here – and couldn’t be more excited to see them a third time at All Good. Follow the jump for some more bands we’re looking forward to seeing.

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