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Watch Peter Doherty’s tribute to Amy Winehouse

Video: Peter Doherty – “Flags of the Old Regime”

Peter Doherty - Flags of the Old Regime [official video]

Pete may be the ultimate poster boy for fuck ups across the world, so it’s easy to forget what a touching songwriter he can be when he’s not making headlines in British tabloids. At least they care in the UK; over here, his latest album--Babyshambles’ Sequel to the Prequel--didn’t even get a domestic release. Too bad, because it’s solid.

Hopefully this is all a good sign for the impending Libertines reunion recordings, happening now in Thailand where Doherty has completed yet another stint in rehab. Maybe I’m foolish for hoping he can keep it together long enough to make a worthy successor to the first two Libs LPs, but his most recent material certainly suggests he hasn’t yet smoked away all of his talent and charms.

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Amy Winehouse Joins The Specials at V Fest

Still no Jerry Dammers but Amy Winehouse joined the recently reunited ska kings The Specials for a rendition of “You’re Wondering Now” at V Fest. She looks and sounds great and I would absolutely LOVE to see this tour should it hit the USA. What better act for a summer festival?

VIDEO: The Specials & Amy Winehouse at V Fest

VIA Music News Net

Amy Winehouse: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

The Specials: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Amy Winehouse: What kind of fuckery is this?

Daphne A. Brooks, associate professor of English and African-American studies at Princeton University, socks it to Amy Winehouse in an article for the Nation, Amy Winehouse and the (Black) Art of Appropriation:

What makes this act slightly less than amusing is the fact that Winehouse has built her stardom on recycling the looks and sounds–the Wurlitzer, hand claps and upright bass–of Freedom Ride-era pop music to sell her tale of rapidly unfolding decline. It’s one thing in our celebreality culture of scandals and bad behavior to garner attention by singing a pop anthem about resisting rehab. It’s quite another to set these finely crafted tales from the “gritty” English ‘hood to doo-wop hopefulness and buoyant, “Dancing in the Streets” percussive melodies that recall the upbeat tenor of King-era activism. This summer, the dissonance grew deafening when Winehouse was caught on video singing slurs about blacks and Asians–not to mention gays and disabled folk–to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” while hanging out in what looked like a crack den.

Check out what Brooks has to say about the Dap-Kings after the jump…

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Duffy – Rockferry

Duffy - RockferryDuffyRockferry (Mercury)

I haven’t figured out if the reason why I’m enjoying the recent influx of white soul singers so much is because they strike a chord with an earlier time and I’m comforted with that familiarity. Or perhaps it’s because I’m burned out on the excessive polish and immaculate production that has permeated nearly every facet of recorded music, not just soul music, and anything remotely organic or harking back to an age when there wasn’t devices that could fucking correct your flubbed notes is now downright appealing.

Lacking the God-given talent of Amy Winehouse or the emotional frailty of Chan Marshall, Duffy makes her own entrance into the female soul arena with Rockferry, her debut that possesses just enough grit to cater to retropolitans and enough panache to appeal to young urban hipsters. Cutting through the clutter one finds an enjoyable offering that will probably owe just as much to timing to its success as its material.

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Report: Amy Winehouse Has Emphysema

Man, the bad news just keeps rolling in on Amy Winehouse. Now it seems she has a case of the Big E, and I do not mean Ecstacy.

“The doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs, it won’t just ruin her voice, it will kill her,” Mitch Winehouse was quoted as saying in The Sunday Mirror. “There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She has 70 percent lung capacity.”

According to Mitch, doctors told his daughter that she’d end up like an old lady with a breathing mask if she didn’t stop inhaling smoke of all flavors.

Winehouse collapsed at her north London home Monday after signing autographs for a group of fans and was taken to a London hospital for tests. She remained in the hospital all week but is scheduled to perform live on Friday in clebration of Nelson Mandela’s 90th nirthday.

“When she’s been inactive work-wise then that’s when the problems really start. The doctors have said that medically there isn’t any reason why she can’t do Glastonbury,” the paper quoted him as saying.

And that’s not all Mitch had to say, the NME quotes him as publicly calling out Pete Doherty as one of several bad influences he’d like his daughter to dump.

“I don’t want her hanging out with her mates like Pete Doherty,” he said. “What hope does she have if people are taking drugs around her?”

Perhaps he could ground her or take away her cell phone for a month?

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Amy Winehouse in Racist Video Flap

Well, it’s all over the place and people are steamed so we might as well weigh on this too. It seems a video of Amy Winehouse, clearly filmed by her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, shows Winehouse and an unidentified friend singing some dopey song about “blacks, Pakis, gooks and nips.” It’s dumb and obnoxious and maybe the last thing she wants to see out right now. British tabloid News of the World first posted the clip on Sunday.

Amy Winehouse : Racist Video

She’s issued an apology, sort of:

“I don’t want to play anything down, but I’m the least racist person going,” Winehouse said. “I think they [News of the World] should have starred out certain words.”

I have to wonder though why her husband, who is heard on the video swearing that he wasn’t taping the performance, recorded her singing this and then let it find its way online. Maybe Amy should have been tipped off by the fact that he swore on HER life, but you have to wonder if she’s going to stand by her man much longer.

Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse Together

For months now, GLONO has been pining away at the thought of a duet between Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. I mean, it seems like a natural fit and a sure hit! Think of maybe a Christmas single a la Shane McGowan and Kirsty Macoll‘s “Fairytale of New York” or something.

This, however, is not what we had in mind…

Video: Winemouse Part One

More info from BBC News

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Amy Winehouse Busted

Five months later, Amy Winehouse has been arrested in connection with a video that allegedly shows her “doing drugs” at a party in her London home. Metro police said Winehouse was arrested Wednesday evening and released on bail following several hours of questioning.

“Amy Winehouse voluntarily attended a London police station today by appointment. She was arrested in order to be interviewed and is cooperating fully with inquiries,” Winehouse’s spokesman, Chris Goodman said in a statement.

“The interview relates to a video handed to police earlier this year,” he said.

The video in question was posted by The Sun on January 22. Winehouse checked into rehab shortly thereafter.

Bad Amy Makes Good

Amy Winehouse She was denied a visa to enter the US, presumably after being arrested and fined in Norway for cannabis possession (or the even more recent video of apparent pipe huffing), and she had to be sprung from rehab to perform in London, but the 50th Annual Grammies were all Amy’s. The girl who gives Pete Doherty a run for his drug money gave Kanye West a slight beating and topped all honors with 5 Grammies out of the six for which she was nominated. So, can we all agree she’s legit?

I can understand why people might be sick of the drama. It seems every other week has another popstar stumbling out of a club and into rehab only to emerge weeks later with a renewed spirit and ultimately short-lived sobriety. It’s hypocritical and it’s childish and it’s self serving…yes. But these are entertainers we’re talking about here and since when did pop and rock fans become so fucking self righteous, and even worse, puritanical!?

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US to Winehouse: No! No! No!

Amy Winehouse was denied a visa and will have to appear at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards via satellite. He album Back to Black is up for six awards. The U.S. Embassy in London and the State Department in Washington declined to comment on the matter but you can bet it has something to do with Winehouse recently being videotaped huffing what some have said is a crack pipe or the fact that her old man is in the joint for witness tampering.

Winehouse is the latest in a line of British musicians denied visas due to various drug and other minor offenses. Lilly Allen was denied in September and Pete Doherty has been laughed out the US embassy in London. The fact that Keith Richards can tour the US without hassle is further proof that he has sold his soul to the Devil.