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New Ohmme video: Give Me Back My Man

Video: Ohmme – “Give Me Back My Man”

Ohmme - Give Me Back My Man (Official Video)

Directed by Hannah Welever. Single out now on Joyful Noise.

For people who only know “Love Shack” or “Roam” it might be hard to imagine that the B-52s were ever anything other than a gimmick in a beehive. But they were always cooler than that, and Ohmme knows it.

John Lennon knew it too. He was inspired to start making music again after he heard “Rock Lobster.” “It sounds just like Ono’s music,” he told Rolling Stone, “so I said to meself, ‘It’s time to get out the old axe and wake the wife up!'” And they made Double Fantasy, which doesn’t sound anything like the B-52s, but hey. Inspiration is a mysterious thing.

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New Cindy Wilson video: Brother

Video: Cindy Wilson – “Brother”

Cindy Wilson - Brother (Official Music Video from Change)

From Change, out now on Kill Rock Stars.

Former B-52s singer who’s not Kate Pierson or the annoying dude releases a crowdfunded solo album on Kill Rock Stars. Whispery and psychedelic!

In the scenes with the red gauze Wilson reminds me of Nikki Newman from “The Young and Restless.”

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The B-52s – Hot Corner

MP3: B-52’s – “Hot Corner” from Funplex, their first album in 16 years, due March 15 on Astralwerks.

“Hey y’all! Last call! Last chance to dance!” Not sure if it’s going to knock “Love Shack” out of your wedding DJ’s heavy rotation list, but it’s a fun little song. Ah, remember when “alternative” music didn’t take itself so seriously? Good times. Don’t forget your jukebox money.

Courtesy of the Stone.