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50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 11

Rolling Stone issue #11 had a cover date of May 25, 1968. 24 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo by Baron Wolman.

For some reason they decided to label this as “Vol. II, No. 1 (Whole No. 11).” They kept that up through issue #14 (Vol. II, No. 4) and then abandoned the volume business and stuck with “whole” numbers. It’s funny to see them messing around with those kind of formalities.

This was the “rock fashion” issue and the cover featured chief photographer Baron Wolman’s wife. He later said, “For Rolling Stone Magazine No. 11 I had made some lovely photos of Johnny Cash and B.B. King, both of whom were featured in that issue. I had also recently shot one roll of pictures of my then-wife Juliana; I made a few prints and brought them into show Jann and Janie with whom we were social friends. For some reason I must have left the photos at the office because when the issue appeared a few days later, there was Juliana on the cover!”

There wouldn’t be many nobodies on the cover once Wenner realized the value of the placement. But they were still figuring all that out.

Features: “Monterey Festival Done In; $52,000 Is Missing” by Michael Lydon; “Country Tradition Goes To Heart of Dylan Songs” by Jann Wenner; “A Few Folksy Fashions: Far out outfits from the Haight-Ashbury” by Susan Lydon; “Jerry Ragavoy: One of the Best New R&B Producers” by Sue C. Clark; “Pop Staples at the Fillmore” by Charles Perry; a funky full-page illustration (“With Liberty and Justice for All”) by Patricia Oberhaus; and a poem called “Where Are All the Beatle Fans: Part III (St. Mark’s Place — The East Village — Three o’clock in the afternoon)” by Isabel.

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