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Jeff Tweedy, Failed Rock Critic

So Jeff Tweedy is now reviewing records for the New York Times: So, Mr. Would-Be Critic With Alt-Rock Leanings… “I’m probably the only person that wanted to be a rock critic and failed at it and started a band.”

His recommendations:

• Dr. Dog – We All Belong

• Grizzly Bear – The Yellow House

• Battles – Mirrored (GLONO review)

• A Hawk and a Hacksaw – A Hawk and a Hacksaw

• Panda Bear – Person Pitch

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Battles – Mirrored

Battles - MirroredBattlesMirrored (Warp)

Ian Williams, a former member of Don Caballero, has teamed up with a new otherworldly drummer (Helmet’s John Stainer), and an equally challenging guitarist (Lynx’s David Konopka) to form Battles. But rather than settle on their already established math rock expertise, the members are joined by experimental composer/avant-garde musician Tyondai Braxton, bringing the overall sound closer to progressive rock.

Which means that Battles’ first full-length, Mirrored, will please the King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator set as much as it does fans (like me) of Don Caballero. And it will probably garnish respect from any listener who appreciates complex rhythms, looping guitar patterns, and a penchant for full-on musician geekdom. [And annoy the hell out of anyone expecting conventional song structure, accessible hooks, or general tunefulness – ed.]

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