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The Be Good Taynas – Hello Love

The Be Good Taynas - Hello LoveThe Be Good TanyasHello Love (Nettwerk)

I know it’s not his fault, but I have issues with David Dye, the host of NPR’s Triple-A” music format that seemingly appeals to those that had a few Joni Mitchell albums in college, who can’t bare to listen to standard commercial radio and who still feel an urge to appear musically hip.

So that’s my unwarranted beef with David Dye, and it’s admittedly unfounded, but it doesn’t help that the music selection of his show typically bores the piss out of me. Seriously, it’s the kind of show my father likes.

The Be Good Tanyas’ third album, Hello Love, probably gets a lot of plays on “The World Café;” this Canadian trio doesn’t stray far from the rootsy music you would hear at Starbucks.

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