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1955 (and then some)

In 1955 Charlie Parker died in the suite of a Rothschild, Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter, at a hotel in New York City. He was watching TV. The Dorsey Brothers’ Stage Show was reportedly on.

Although the brothers, Jimmy and Tommy, had their biggest period in the first half of the 1930s, TV needed content in its nascent period, so musical variety was big then. Parker was a fan of Jimmy’s saxophone skills.

Parker was 34 when he died.

Elvis appeared on the Stage Show.

In 1955 James Dean, driving a Porsche 955 Spyder, had a collision with another car east of Paso Robles, California. It was fatal for Dean. The driver of the other car, a Ford Tudor, had minor injuries.

Dean was 24.

Rebel Without a Cause was released after Dean’s death. Another film with cultural resonance like Rebel, Blackboard Jungle, was released in 1955. It was based on a novel of the same name released in 1954 written by Evan Hunter, who was born Salvatore Lombino, but changed his name to Evan Hunter in 1952. The first work that the author sold was in 1951, a short story titled “Welcome, Martians!”

Blackboard Jungle featured “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets. Chuck Berry released “Maybellene” in 1955 and “Johnny B. Goode” in 1958. The latter was recorded on 12-inch gold-plated copper disks that were launched into space by NASA on the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space craft in 1977.

“Welcome, Martians!”

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New Kesha video: Resentment ft. Brian Wilson and Sturgill Simpson

Video: Kesha – “Resentment” (ft. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson & Wrabel)

Kesha - Resentment (Video) feat. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson & Wrabel

From High Road, due January 31 on RCA. Single out now.

Team Kesha all the way, but to be honest I haven’t listened to much of her music since she dropped the dollar sign from her name. There was a banger a couple years ago (“Woman”) that featured the Dap-King Horns that I thought we had posted something about, but I guess it must have been just a tweet.

Anyway, this song surprised me. Maybe it wouldn’t have had I been paying attention to her, but I haven’t and it did. I might not have even given it a chance were it not for those wtf “featuring” credits. Sturgill Simpson? Brian Wilson? What is this?

It’s an acoustic heartbreaker, that’s what it is. Wow.

I don’t hate you, babe, it’s worse than that
‘Cause you hurt me and I don’t react
I’ve been building up this thing for months
Oh, resentment

Sturgill Simpson’s vocals are right up front to the point where it might as well be a duet. Brian Wilson’s vocals are indistinguishable and if he wasn’t listed you’d never think, “Hey that’s a Beach Boy!” But who knows? Maybe he contributed a subliminal boost of melancholy.

Kesha said, “Brian Wilson is one of my personal musical heroes, so when he said he would collaborate with me on the recording…that moment was one of the most exciting in my career. Then add in Sturgill who I respect and admire so much, as well as my close friend the insanely talented songwriter Wrabel, and this record felt more like a dream than just another song to me.”

In the video Kesha wakes up in a hotel room after sleeping in her makeup, and proceeds to stumble around hungover and full of regret. It’s unglamorous and feels about as real as any video ever released by a major label pop star. It’s not just the vhs filter effect; it’s genuinely moving!

Here’s hoping she finds someone to treat her right.

Kesha: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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Brian Wilson Live in England

Brian Wilson at The Sage

Gateshead, England, July 12, 2009

Brian Wilson Live at Gateshead Sage

Glorious Noise photographer David Wala was the only person granted a photo pass for this show. “It was a privilege to hear all these songs live,” says Wala. “The gig ran like clockwork with an intermission. The crowd loved it—the highlight of the summer at Gateshead Sage.”

More photos after the jump…

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Brian Wilson and the Unbearable Heaviness of Fandom

What a waste it is to lose one's mind...Although a considerable amount of Brian Wilson buzz has been generated by the completion and release of Smile, a work that would probably be more long-lived as myth than it will be as a completed project, what has not received much attention, for good reason, is a recording he put out a few months ago, Gettin’ In Over My Head.

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