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New Cass McCombs video: Music Is Blue

Video: Cass McCombs – “Music Is Blue”

Video by Scott Kiernan. From Heartmind, out now on Anti-.

We all love music. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. And I definitely wouldn’t be. But here we are. Reading about, and writing about, and — most importantly — listening to music. Cass McCombs understands the obsession. And lives it.

Once upon a time, I told myself
Music was all there was
Like a ghost town in quarantine
No road in, no road out.

I like the bits about how music has kept him broke, “busking in the village” and eating “nothing but beer.”

But why is it blue? McCombs told Aquarium Drunkard that “color is like a splash, it’s a feeling. It can be this color, that color, color is just there for us to play with. I guess it kind of fit into my approach which has always been to allow the listener a certain amount of autonomy to interpret the songs according to their experience and what suits them. I think colors can do that. It’s kind of the word color. I chose a color, but it’s more like color itself. I think that’s what I was trying to say – color it yourself.”

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New Cass McCombs video: Sleeping Volcanoes

Video: Cass McCombs – “Sleeping Volcanoes”

From Tip of the Sphere, out now on Anti-.

Man, what a great song. It’s not easy to write serious music that still has elements of whimsy and surprise, especially when you’re maybe mired in the daily drama overload of life in Americ-a-lago.

The video for “Sleeping Volcanoes” is just as strange and engaging as the song itself. The one take-away I get, and it’s a lesson I should never forget for even a moment, is that we need to get out in the woods more. All of us. As often as possible.

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