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Lollapalooza 2010, Day 1: This Is It

Lady GagaSo this was my final Lollapalooza as a Chicago resident. From now on it will be a destination festival that requires me to actually travel to a destination. Which might be fun. But will it be worth it? Is a three day music festival worth the hassle if you can’t take the el back to your own comfy bed? I don’t know…I’ve never had to do it.

Of the past six Lollapaloozas, this was by far my most ADHD experience. I only watched three complete sets. The average time I spent with any band was 20 minutes. This might be normal for journalists who feel a professional obligation to “cover” as much as possible, but that’s never been my attitude. I like to take it easy and have a good time. Carefully select what I want to see and blissfully ignore the rest.

But not this year.

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Chromeo – Night By Night

In case you missed the 80s, Chromeo has captured much of the sheen and the coke-fueled synth tinkerings for your listening pleasure. Remember that scene in Boogie Nights when Marky Mark and John C. Reilly are in that house with the dude who LOVED “Sister Christian” and there was that creepy skinny kid lighting firecrackers in the background and the whole deal goes to shit and our heroes almost get their asses capped? This song may have been playing in the video store just down the street from where that happened.

MP3: Chromeo – “Night By Night” (link)

NOTE: This song is available through Green Label Sound (GLS), which is supported by Mountain Dew (Pepsi Co.) and requires users to an agreement to share demographic information with Pepsi Co. It’s up to you if that’s worth a free download.

Chromeo: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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