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Conor Oberst – Danny Callahan

MP3: Conor Oberst – “Danny Callahan” from Conor Oberst, out August 5 on Merge.

Sounds like Bright Eyes, but it’s his first solo album since some cassette releases in the mid-90s. Why go solo now? Who knows? Maybe Merge made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and since “Bright Eyes” is so historically tied to Saddle Creek, it wouldn’t have seemed right…

Conor Oberst: Web, MySpace, Wiki.

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Emo Game: I’m All Smart Like That

A Glorious Noise interview with the creator of the Emo Game.

By Derek Phillips

Sure, they got a rep for nerd glasses, perfectly messed hair and being sensitive and in touch with their feelings, but Emo kids have a darker side. Graphic designer, Jason Oda, created the Emo Game for those twisted bastards to live out their more violent tendencies and save their Emo heroes. Why? Because he hates Steven Tyler, of course. Glorious Noise caught up with Oda to discuss the Emo Game, crying, and selling out.

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