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New Death Valley Girls video: (One Less Thing) Before I Die

Video: Death Valley Girls – “(One Less Thing) Before I Die”

Directed by Kansas Bowling. From Darkness Rains out today on Suicide Squeeze.

On March 24, 2018, “Mad” Mike Hughes successfully launched himself into the sky in a homemade, steam-powered rocket. Elon Musk’s got nothing on this daredevil.

Director Kansas Bowling was there and the new Death Valley Girls video combines her footage from the day with additional footage of ritual sacrifice and mourning. Everybody grieves differently. Kansas Bowling does it with a fish.

Bonnie Bloomgarden said, “We heard of this guy that wanted to shoot himself into the sky in a home made, steam-powered rocket ship to prove that the Earth was flat. Kansas Bowling asked us if we wanted to go film the launch. At first we thought we didn’t care at all about flat earthers, or the flat earth theory, but then we met Mad Mike Hughes. Mad Mike is an amateur rocket scientist, lawyer, limo driver, dare devil, Guinness Book world record alum, conspiracy theorist, and is now running for governor of the state of Nevada. After going to three launches in the desert – two attempted, and one successful – we learned a lot. While we don’t agree with his politics at all, we are glad we met him, and that we learned one more thing before we die.”

You can see more footage from the launch on YouTube and some of it even includes cameos by Bowling and the band.

“(One Less Thing) Before I Die” features guitars that sound like they could’ve come straight from Sonic Smith and Wayne Kramer. And that’s high praise.

Death Valley Girls: bc, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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Alicia Keys Calls Gangsta Rap a Ploy?

I don’t know if I can believe this but apparently Alicia Keys told Blender magazine that she thinks gangsta rap “was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. ‘Gangsta rap’ didn’t exist.”

Now, the marketing of gangsta rap is certainly a topic for debate and the methods and messaging employed are ripe for a harsh look, but to suggest that some honky in Washington D.C. developed the genre that shook the 90s as an attempt to keep black folks in check is preposterous.

The lyrics from classic disses like “No Vaseline” (lyrics) that implied a controlling force over his actions aside, Eazy-E can probably lay claim to having the most influence over the genre that has enraged parents while entertaining teens for nearly 20 years. Jerry Heller may have rigged the pay structure but Eazy had the flow!

Keys is also said to wear a gold AK-47 pennant on a necklace “to symbolize strength, power and killing ’em dead,” which is oddly similar to the sentiments expressed in the gangsta rap that she reportedly said was concocted by others who mean to control the African American community.

There’s no mention of the quotes in this excerpt from Blender’s site and GLONO hasn’t read the entire article in print yet, so who knows if she’s actually quoted saying any of this.

So, what gives? Is this story bunk or is Alicia Keys about to go all Angela Davis on our asses?

Weezer vs. the Beach Boys

Intriguing Weezer/Beach Boys similarities: “Pet Sounds was released in 1966, Pinkerton in 1996. Both albums were not commercially successful and dismissed by fans of the bands’ earlier works. After many years, both albums have grown in stature to the point where they’re considered each band’s best album. And both titles are 9 letters long and start with “P.” Both albums have Japanese women on the back covers.”

This makes the Kennedy/Lincoln thing seem credible.