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Glorious Noise Is Nine Years Old

Mmmmm, GLONO cake.We’re so old we’re getting to the point where we don’t even like celebrating our birthday anymore. But GLONO has been around since February 6, 2001. Time to bust out that old picture of the birthday cake from our party at Beat Kitchen in 2004

We’d like to thank everybody who’s stopped by to read an article, download an mp3, watch a video, post a comment, or start some shit on the message boards. The interactivity is what makes it fun. On that note we’d also like to thank all the people who’ve re-tweeted our stuff, posted things to Facebook and all those other social sites that have decentralized online interaction.

Previous birthdays:

• 2002: Happy Birthday to Glorious Noise!

• 2003 :Terrible Twos: Happy Birthday to Us!

• 2004: Happy Birthday! Three is a Magic Number!

• 2005: Glorious Noise is Four Years Old

• 2006 (belated): The Black and Orange Ball: GLONO’s Fifth Birthday Party

• 2007: Happy Sixth Birthday to Glorious Noise

• 2008: And if the Devil is Six: GLONO is Seven!

• 2009: Glorious Noise Turns Eight Years Old Today; Eight Years Ago: It started with emails…

Enter a contest to win a Glorious Noise T-shirt below…

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Beatles Holiday Poster Giveaway

Beatles Holiday Poster

Win this lovely Beatles poster celebrating the holidays…and the release of the remastered box sets.

Simply tweet this page with the hashtag #glono.

We’ll randomly pick a winner from those who participate. This full-color 20×30 inch poster will fill any room with fab holiday cheer. Happy birthday, Harry Krimble, Monday Morning, Me Too!

Follow GLONO on Twitter.

The Beatles: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Full image of the poster after the jump…

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Ian Curtis Dance Contest

Submit video of yourself dancing like Ian Curtis for your chance to win two new Joy Division DVDs. HOW?

• Video your moves

• Upload them to YouTube (or any other hosting service)

• Include the links to your video in the form or in the Comments…

ONE lucky winner, chosen by the GLONO staff, will win both films.

Winner of nine film festival awards, including three at the Cannes Film Festival, CONTROL profiles Ian Curtis, the lead singer of the pioneering post-punk band Joy Division.

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Review the Raconteurs – A GLONO Contest!

Tomorrow marks the release of The Raconteur’s second album, Consolers Of The Lonely. As previously noted here, the band rushed the release of this album so there are NO advance reviews!

“But how will we know if it’s good,” you ask?

You’ll have to rely on your friends. And we want in on that action.

Glorious Noise will post the first review submitted by you, the readers, on our homepage and it will stand forever as our official review of the album. Here’s your chance to be a star!

with your review after you’ve given the album a good listen.

Let’s see what you’re made of, hot shot.

Gram Parsons CD and DVD Contest


Two lucky winners will receive great Gram Parsons packages!

One grand prize winner will receive the Complete Reprise Sessions CD box set, the Fallen Angel DVD, a Gram Parsons t-shirt, and a poster. And one runner-up will get the DVD, a t-shirt, and a poster.

The contest is over. It ended on June 25, 2006. Congratulations to Maham H from Chicago and to Julie L from Beaufort, NC!

Now go back to Glorious Noise and patiently wait for the next cool contest.

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Contest: How Long Will Pete Doherty Be Free?

Free at last!

One lucky winner will receive a a bunch of fabulous Glorious Noise prizes!

  • Glorious Noise t-shirt!
  • Riviera cd!
  • Quasar Wut-Wut cd!
  • Selection of several promo cds by other bands!

Pete Doherty was sentenced today to one year of community service. The last time he was let out of jail, he only lasted a few hours before he was picked up again. If you correctly guess the date of his next arrest, you have a chance to win some great stuff.

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Contest: Crosby, Stills and Nash Reissues Giveaway


One lucky winner will receive a set of the two new CSN resissues!

The contest is over. It ended on February 28, 2006. We will announce the winner shortly.

Now go back to Glorious Noise and patiently wait for the next cool contest.


Remastered and Expanded HDCD® Editions of Crosby, Stills and Nash

and Daylight Again Available From Atlantic/Rhino January 24

LOS ANGELES – In 1969 former Byrd David Crosby, Buffalo Springfield’s

Stephen Stills, and former Holly Graham Nash came together in a beautiful

harmonic convergence of vocal chemistry, precision musicianship, and

emotional lyricism. Atlantic/Rhino salutes one of rock’s first supergroups

with the January 24 release of the remastered and expanded version of two

of the trio’s best. Remastered in HDCD for the first time and featuring

unreleased and rare bonus tracks (all remixed using the original master

tapes), CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH and DAYLIGHT AGAIN will be available

separately at regular retail outlets and at www.rhino.com for a suggested

list price of $18.98.

Originally released on May 29, 1969, CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH remains one of

rock ‘n’ roll’s most impressive debuts. The Grammy®-winning album

introduced the world to the trio’s airtight harmonies and versatile

songwriting with classics like “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” “Marrakesh

Express,” and “Long Time Gone.” CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH is expanded with

three previously unreleased bonus tracks including “Do For The Others,”

“Teach Your Children,” which became a major hit off 1970’s follow-up album

Déjà Vu, plus a cover of the Fred Neil classic “Everybody’s Talkin’.” The

final bonus track is a version of Crosby’s “Song With No Words,” a rarity

that first appeared in 1991 on the group’s boxed set.

On June 21, 1982, the triumvirate returned with their third studio album,

DAYLIGHT AGAIN. Highlighted by the hit singles “Wasted On The Way” and

“Southern Cross,” the album also mixed Nash’s evocative balladry, “Song For

Susan” and Stills’ rocker, “Too Much Love To Hide,” with “Delta,” one of

Crosby’s best. DAYLIGHT AGAIN is expanded with four previously unreleased

bonus tracks including a demo version of “Might As Well Have a Good Time”

plus “Raise A Voice,” “Feel Your Love,” and “Tomorrow Is Another Day.”


Track Listing

1. “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”

2. “Marrakesh Express”

3. “Guinnevere”

4. “You Don’t Have To Cry”

5. “Pre-Road Downs”

6. “Wooden Ships”

7. “Lady Of The Island”

8. “Helplessly Hoping”

9. “Long Time Gone”

10. “49 Bye-Byes”

11. “Do For The Others” *

12. “Song With No Words”

13. “Everybody’s Talkin'” *

14. “Teach Your Children” *


Track Listing

1. “Turn Your Back On Love”

2. “Wasted On The Way”

3. “Southern Cross”

4. “Into The Darkness”

5. “Delta”

6. “Since I Met You”

7. “Too Much Love To Hide”

8. “Song For Susan”

9. “You Are Alive”

10. “Might As Well Have A Good Time”

11. “Daylight Again”

12. “Raise A Voice” *

13. “Feel Your Love” *

14. “Tomorrow Is Another Day” *

15. “Might As Well Have A Good Time” *

* previously unreleased