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Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue (Legacy Edition)

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean BlueDennis WilsonPacific Ocean Blue (Legacy Edition) (Sony Legacy)

Sony Legacy has lovingly reissued an album that is considered by many to be a lost classic. The first solo release by a member of the Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson‘s Pacific Ocean Blue was originally released in 1977, and while it received positive reviews, it peaked at #96 on the album charts, spawned no hit singles, and quickly fell out of print. Dennis Wilson drowned in 1983 after years of struggling with substance abuse.

So is the album any good? To find out, GLONO founder Derek Phillips and I located ourselves at opposite wings of GLONO headquarters, pressed “play” at the same time, and instant messaged our reactions to each other.

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Dennis Wilson’s "Pacific Ocean Blue" finally reissued

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean BlueDennis Wilson‘s solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, out of print since a crappy 1991 CD version, is being reissued on June 17 as a two-disc legacy edition with 24 unreleased bonus tracks (plus “All Alone” which was included on the Endless Harmony soundtrack). This is exciting news for Beach Boys fans and MOJO readers, as Pacific Ocean Blue is widely considered a lost classic and “the best solo album ever released by a Beach Boy.”

One weird thing about the reissue is that it contains one song (“Holy Man”) with a newly recorded vocal track by Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. Buddyhead talked to reissue producer Gregg Jakobson about how this came about:

Taylor was in town, a fan of Dennis’s. He’s also a family friend and interestingly enough has the same gravely, whisky, smokers voice as Den. They sound very much alike. We were in the studio mixing the Holy Man track, Taylor comes down to the studio, we hammer out a lyric, Taylor sings it. Perfect! It was meant to be. Destiny.

Buddyhead adds that Hawkins is also “a bearded surfing drummer just like Dennis.” So there you have it.

Official site: Pacific Ocean Blue. Pre-order from Amazon. Buddyhead has a couple mp3s and videos. Full press release after the jump…

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