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New Diet Cig video: Who Are You

Video: Diet Cig – “Who Are You”

Directed by Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman. From Do You Wonder About Me?, out now on Frenchkiss.

How can you not love this band?

Like a bunch of other new albums released in this wretched year, Diet Cig’s follow-up to 2017’s excellent Swear I’m Good At This didn’t get the attention it deserved. “Who Are You” is the third single released off Do You Wonder About Me? but it’s the first one to receive the full video treatment. Everybody’s been understandably preoccupied with quarantining and doomscrolling.

Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman have a history of making great videos, so it’s a shame that lockdowns prevented them from practicing their visual craft until now. Here’s how they pulled it off:

We made this in a park down the street from our house! we had such a fun time dancing on a stage again ? we put this together with the people in our pod, just a bunch of friends who were so down to help us dance like freaks in the park ?

Glad they did. We all need the boost to our spirits.

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New Diet Cig video: Harvard

Video: Diet Cig – “Harvard”

From the 2015 Over Easy EP on Father/Daughter Records. Available on vinyl for the first time now.

I love this video in which a couple of conspiratorial tweens rebel against their pushy soccer moms who try to make them care about sports. The fact that the sport in question is roller derby makes it even funnier.

And the lyrics are awesome:

You never wanted to date a college girl
Well, I hope you got something out of that deal
Or made your parents proud
I bet she’s not as loud
Fuck your Ivy League sweater
You know I was better

Alex Luciano told Pigeons and Planes about the origin of the song:

It sounds like he dumped me for a college girl, but I dumped him and then he went on to date a Harvard girl and was trying to be like “Oh, well I’m really cool” about it and I was like “You know what? Fuck you, I bet she’s boring.” He was really boring and I was like “Nobody is surprised that you’re dating a girl at an ivy league school. Isn’t that just great.” I don’t know, it was just me being pissed off that he thought he was doing better.

Perfect. I love this band.

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