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Photos: Carl Barat Live at the 100 Club

Carl Barat Live at 100 Club

Carl Barat at the 100 Club

London, England, July 22, 2010

Carl started his twelve-song set with three new songs, including “Run The Boys,” and followed them up with familiar Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things favorites. He spent much of the evening mingling with the crowd and the whole night had a friendly vibe in the legendary venue in the heart of London. The gig was arranged by Little Episodes who raise awareness for those suffering with addiction and depression.

The next time I will see Carl will be at Leeds where he will be reuniting with the Libertines…

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Pete to Carl: Let’s Be Friends!

Pete Doherty reveals to the NME that the Libertines have received multiple offers worth millions of pounds to reunite for British festivals but that co-leader Carl Barat has nixed them all.

“We had some ridiculous offers to headline Reading,” he said. “Like £2 million to headline this festival, £1 million to headline that festival. I said, ‘Why don’t we just do it? Let’s get the old band back together.’

Pete and Carl have been seen together on occasion and have even performed some acoustic sets in recent months so what’s the problem? Pete says it’s personal.

“He (Barat) said, ‘We have to be friends, we can’t just do it for the money’. I said, ‘OK, let’s be friends! Friends who go and make lots of money’, because I haven’t got any money and I know he’s skint.

…and then it gets weird, even for Pete Doherty.

“He said I had to go and see an energy consultant, some new age guru who is going to measure my energy levels and see if I’m surrounded by darkness.

Sounds like one of those Scientology exams. Have we lost Carl too?

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Dirty Pretty Things Bid Adieu

We’ve been gaga for all things Libertines for a long time now. To the point of being apologists for that degenerate druggy, Pete Doherty. So, it’s with mixed feelings that we approach the news that ex-Libertine Carl Barat‘s band, Dirty Pretty Things, is no more. Their debut album was solid (if not mind blowing or as reckless as the Libs) and live they killed. The rumor will surely ramp up now putting Pete and Carl back together again, but for now let’s bid a fond farewell to DPT. Godspeed, boys!

Photos from one of the last shows: Dirty Pretty Things – Live in London

Our exclusive interview and day out in Chicago with the band: GLONO Video with Dirty Pretty Things

DPT’s Carl Barat and Anthony Rossomando in a touching goodbye immediately after their last show. From their last NME interview as bandmates.

Dirty Pretty Things – The Final Bow

Dirty Pretty Things – Live in London

Dirty Pretty Things at the Round Chapel

Hackney, East London, December 11, 2008

We have an exciting new contributor to Glorious Noise. Based out of GLONO’s UK Headquarters, photographer David Wala will be shooting shows for us around London.

Wala caught up with Carl Barat and his Dirty Pretty Things at one of the last stops on their farewell tour, a fundraiser for Real Fits. Wala notes, “I did not shoot the gig with my regular camera. I was at the side and behind the stage which I hope gives a different perspective with my pocket but powerful Canon g9 camera.”


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Free Pete Doherty

I can't go back in. I'm innocent!The title’s not a call to action but a statement of fact: Pete’s free today, having served 29 days of a 14-week jail sentence for breaking probation. And from the sounds of it, prison life has it’s ups and downs when you’re Pete Doherty.

“I got trouble from the start, from the inmates and the guards, mainly shouting at night really,” Pete told the NME. “Some people were saying ‘Keep your head down’, the other half were saying ‘Keep your chin up’. So I was a bit like a nodding dog – I didn’t know whether to keep my chin up or keep my head down. It was 18-day early release – I can’t complain really.”

Doherty also claims to have been drug free during his time in the Joint.

“I managed to stay clean. I got my certificate. I was going to Sellotape it to the wall, but they wouldn’t give me any Sellotape,” he said. “Did I take heroin inside? Complete rubbish.”

Still, Pete’s upbeat. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Update: The Guardian has video of Pete waiting for his manager to pick him up.

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Dirty Pretty Things: Play Frogger Online

I’m not really sure what the hell this is all about—some public service announcement type charity, or whatever—but you can play a Frogger-inspired game called Roadie Runner wherein you listen to Dirty Pretty Things songs and “collect the guitar from the other side of the road and bring it back.” There are apparently prizes to be won…

“It is unbelieveable that around the world a child is killed every 3 minutes on the road, yet almost nothing is being done to prevent this. This is why Direty Pretty Things are supporting the Make Roads Safe campaign”—Carl Barat.

Huh. Think about the children! Play Frogger and save lives! And whatever you do, don’t run over roadies!

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GLONO Video with Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty? Check. Pretty? Check...GLONO hosts Dirty Pretty Things for a day in Chicago and gives them an authentic tour of the Windy City with vintage clothes shopping in Wicker Park, hotdogs, and a dip in the great Lake Michigan. Oh, and the band put on a hell of a show…

Anthony Rossomando is a skinny fuck topped with a disaster of curls. As the sole American in Dirty Pretty Things (MySpace) he was the cultural translator for the band as they did seven dates in the colonies this summer. Throughout our day together, Rossomondo continually put the quirks and intricacies of American minutia into perspective for his three decidedly British bandmates. He bridged the gulf between what was described by George Bernard Shaw as two countries separated by a common language. Interestingly, he’s also the bridge between the Libertines and the Dirty Pretty Things, despite the fact that TWO original members of the former are also members of the latter.

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What Became of the Likely Lads?

What became of forever? We'll never know...Like so many great British bands, the allure of the Libertines was found in the complex and complicated relationship of its frontmen, Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. There was a playful, innocent, yet dangerous and volatile energy that surrounded the two and translated into cheeky lyrics and unabashed performance. Their relationship was as important to the band as the songs they wrote.

So what happens when they go their separate ways?

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