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New Screaming Females video: Mourning Dove

Video: Screaming Females – “Mourning Dove”

Directed by William Bottini and Kate Sweeney. From Desire Pathway, out now on Don Giovanni.

Oh no! It sounds like Marissa Paternoster got dumped! Or at least she’s writing a fairly straightforward midtempo rock song from the perspective of somebody who got dumped.

In a press statement she says, “It is seldom that any Screaming Females song is about just one thing. ‘Mourning Dove’ is the only exception that I can really think of, a song about being profoundly in love while simultaneously being profoundly heartbroken.”

This band just gets better and better. I first saw them when they opened for the Arctic Monkeys and was blown away. Back then, I wrote “My only criticism is that I wish the drummer would hit the drums harder. He seemed a little too dainty compared to the absolute badassery of the other two.” Seems like at some point over the last thirteen years, the drummer has caught up!

Screaming Females: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Bat Fangs video: Talk Tough

Video: Bat Fangs – “Talk Tough”

Directed by Mark Shue. From Queen Of My World, out now on Don Giovanni.

When bands these days reference “80s music” why do they always go for the terrible Don Henley/Bruce Hornsby sound? F that. Even in the mainstream there were way better sounds than that shit. Like Joan Jett. And Quiet Riot. And Prince. And the Go-Gos. They made “80s music” that actually sounded good!

Which is why if I’m feeling like an 80s throwback I’m going to play the new Bat Fangs instead of the new War on Drugs. Those synths and drums tones sounded awful forty years ago and they still do. Whereas the crunch of a Gibson SG and a well-placed pick-slide never go out of style.

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New Bad Bad Hats video: Milky Way

Video: Bad Bad Hats – “Milky Way”

From Walkman, out now on Don Giovanni.

Does a funny video get you anywhere these days? I don’t know but I hope so!

When our hero shows up for a speed dating session and accidentally ends up judging an Elvis impersonator audition, hilarity ensues. Of course it does. But that wouldn’t be worth three minutes of your attention if the song wasn’t good. And it is!

Yeah, you throw out half a Milky Way
Cause everything’s too sweet to you these days.

And you might be surprised at how good of an Elvis impression songwriter Kerry Alexander does. She’s got the snarl. Kinda.

Bad Bad Hats: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Bad Bad Hats: Walkman

Video: Bad Bad Hats – “Walkman”

From Walkman, due September 17 on Don Giovanni.

Bad Bad Hats are a trio from Minneapolis but you’d be forgiven for assuming they’re from New Zealand. They’ve got that laid back, stripped-down, classic indie pop vibe. Some people might call it “lo-fi” even though it’s not.

I hope you play this on your walkman, baby
Sun in your eyes and your hair long, baby.

Guitarist/singer Kerry Alexander says the song is “about having a feeling so strong for someone that whenever you’re falling in love, it brings you back to being with that person. This song was just a voice memo when we went into the studio and the direction it took was a pleasant surprise. It ended up being one of our favorite songs on the album.”

Their previous single was called “Detroit Basketball” so now I think they might be my new favorite band.

Bad Bad Hats: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New L7 video: I Came Back To Bitch

Video: L7 – “I Came Back To Bitch”

Single out now on Don Giovanni.

L7 is back! I had the chance to see them back in college when they played Club Soda in Kalamazoo, but for some reason I didn’t go. It was a Tuesday night and I wasn’t really familiar with their music, but I knew they were important. My pal who turned me on to Paul’s Boutique and suede Pumas told me about it so I should’ve gone. About six months later they released Bricks Are Heavy and had a college radio smash hit with “Pretend You’re Dead” and I realized my mistake. Live and learn.

And now they’re back. Donita Sparks told Rolling Stone the new song is “about greedy fucks throwing the word ‘rock star’ around because someone made a huge profit on somebody else’s back… Do not degrade the word ‘rock star.’ That’s what I find grotesque – because creative people, caregivers, civil servants – those are the people who are contributing to society… Capitalist motherfuckers are just making money off of polluting things and ruining neighborhoods. Everything is going to shit.”

Sock it to the man!

L7: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Bat Fangs video: Rock the Reaper

Video: Bat Fangs – “Rock the Reaper”

From Bat Fangs, out February 2 on Don Giovanni.

Do you dig Joan Jett’s 80s glam riffs? Think “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” Hell yes, you do!

That’s why you’re going to love Bat Fangs, the new project from Betsy Wright (Ex Hex) and Laura King (Flesh Wounds). They describe their sound as “acid-soaked 80s hard rock for the living and the dead.” Ow!

Bat Fangs: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Screaming Females video: Glass House

Video: Screaming Females – “Glass House”

From All At Once, due February 23 on Don Giovanni Records.

Screaming Females sound spooky in a Black Sabbath kind of way, don’t you think? Marissa Paternoster’s voice is intense and her guitar is as heavy as it gets.

She described her inspiration for the song to Rolling Stone: “Our shrinking world [is] crushed under a deluge of information, constant contact and social media sludge. It has narrowed my connection to reality in a way that I find rather upsetting.”

It is upsetting!

Screaming Females: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Screaming Females – I Do

You like the rock and roll? Remember how J. Mascis had that bad ass tone? Well, you’re in luck. Screaming Females bring it all with a dash of scratchy vocals to boot. This is 120 Minutes Material, gang.


Screaming Females – “I Do”

CORRECTION: Apologies, this is an .aif file. In my haste to post I overlooked that fact. We have a request in for an actual MP3 of this song and will update if/when we get it. For now, give this a listen.

Screaming Females Tour Dates with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists:

03.30.10 – Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues

03.31.10 – Austin, TX @ The Parish

04.02.10 – New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks

04.03.10 – Tallahasee, FL @ Club Downunder

04.04.10 – Atlanta, GA @ the Masquerade

04.05.10 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle

04.08.10 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

04.09.10 – New York, NY @ the Fillmore

04.10.10 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club


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