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Little Bit Older, Lot Less Bolder

Volvo Driving Soccer MomEverclear has returned with a new set of tuneful pragmatism entitled Slow Motion Daydream. No new tale to tell here — Art Alexakis’ songs have always been immediately recognizable, momentarily hummable, and ultimately forgettable. However… On a recent road trip, after Q106.5’s kick-ass ZZ Top classic rock block made way for the Pro Tool’d synthesis of Nirvana and Candlebox (Nirvandleba?) that is Seether’s “Fine Again,” I hit scan, eventually landing in the midst of a yammering modern rock DJ’s back announcement. He was giving props out to a new song from Everclear called “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom.” I cataloged the information in my head (Everclear/new song/impossibly stupid name/I still hate “I Will Buy You A New Life”), and scanned until I caught the tail end of Kiss’ “Beth.” But a funny thing happened a few minutes later. I heard “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom” on a different station. It was recognizable, and it was hummable. But ultimately, I wanted to forget because it hit too close to home.

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Driven to Distraction

I’ve been accused—and Jeff will undoubtedly underline this in a big way—of writing too much about Honda. But discovering that there is something called the “Civic Tour,” finding that it is split in two, with the second half being designated “v.2001.2,” and reading this line: “The Civic Tour allows Honda to reach out to our younger consumers through the music of today’s hottest bands, proving that the re-designed Civic is a perfect fit for their lifestyle” from Eric Conn, Honda assistant vp, Auto Advertising, I can’t resist. Half one is headlined by blink-182. v.2001.2 is headlined by Everclear. The boys in that band will be touring with three Civic coupes that are painted “with black and orange stars and stripes, echoing the cover design from their most recent CD, ‘Songs from an American Movie, Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude.'” Should we all pause and say “Wow!”?

Something called “marketingfactoryinc.” set up the tour. It “created and produced audio content-based promotions for the Vans Warped Tour, Spin Magazine and ChickClick.com, while also servicing Yahoo!Music, Sony Playstation, Diamond Rio, Wherehouse Music, OP, Eruptor Entertainment and EIDOS Interactive.” “Audio content based?” “Servicing”? Is this the Terminator meets e.e. cummings?

Oh, for the days when I didn’t have to figure out how the hell Everclear proves that the Civic isn’t a good car but a lifestyle choice.