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What Stories Will the Superfans Have?

A friend and former colleague is someone I consider to be a Deadhead*. The number of shows he’s seen of the Dead and its subsequent variants is in the double figures. Which strikes me as more than passing interest.

He would regale me with adventures—not mere stories—of his attendance at various venues, with everything from blotter acid to grilled cheese sandwiches to hitchhiking to a show to looking for water.

It always seemed somewhat ironic to me that he, the type of guy who is essentially a Chamber of Commerce Republication when such things existed, is such a fan of the band, something that’s completely analogous to the Harley riders who show up each year in Sturges and then go back to their lives as doctors, accountants, and school board superintendents.

Last week I was in a conversation with a group of what I describe, for lack of a better term, “business people.” Or perhaps “professionals.” People who work more with their minds than their hands, have a mortgage and (probably) a two-car garage. One of them mentioned that he is going this week to Riviera Maya, Mexico, with his wife to attend My Morning Jacket’s “One Big Holiday” event. That will put the number of times he’s seen the band into the high 40s.

Before COVID, the notion of working from home was not something a whole lot of people, outside of, say, day traders, had. Which explains, in part, why I heard so many stories of Dead shows.

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