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New First Aid Kit video: Angel

Video: First Aid Kit – “Angel”

First Aid Kit - Angel (Official Video)

Directed by Mats Udd. Single out now on Columbia.

Is First Aid Kit becoming Abba? They’re both Swedish groups with tight harmonies and groovy jumpsuits, but “Angel” might be the poppiest thing we’ve heard from the Söderberg sisters.

They describe the new song as “a hopeful tune for these crazy times about accepting other people even if you don’t always see eye to eye. It’s also about being kinder to yourself. We wanted it to feel really big, but vulnerable at the same time, something you can cry to and dance to as well.”

So basically: Abba.

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New First Aid Kit video: Rebel Heart

Video: First Aid Kit – “Rebel Heart”

First Aid Kit - Rebel Heart (Official Video)

Directed by Mats Udd. From Ruins, out now on Columbia.

Spooky! It’s great to see First Aid Kit embrace their essential witchiness in their culty new video for “Rebel Heart.”

They discussed the song with Consequence of Sound:

We stayed in California for five weeks to write new material for Ruins. During this trip we went out to Joshua Tree. We rented a gorgeous dome house that was very isolated. When we wrote this song we’d been playing around with these old occult themed board games, tarot cards and an ouija board that was in the house. There was a storm outside, it was late at night. We could see the starry sky very clearly. We were overcome by this haunting feeling of being only the two of us alone in a house in the middle of the desert. This was during a quite tumultuous time of heartbreak and emotional disorientation. This song came to us in the midst of all of that.

The ending of “Rebel Heart” begged to be epic, we wanted to take the listener on a journey. Recording it in the studio with Tucker Martine was incredible. We didn’t really know what do with the song at first, but as soon as Glenn Kotche played that drum pattern in the second verse we knew this was going to be the album opener. It just felt so cinematic and powerful.

The song is indeed epic, cinematic, and powerful. And the video will creep you out…in the best way.

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New First Aid Kit video: Fireworks

Video: First Aid Kit – “Fireworks”

First Aid Kit - Fireworks (Official Video)

From Ruins, out January 19 on Columbia.

First Aid Kit is back again, this time putting those sibling harmonies into a promtastic re-imagination of the 1980s. As someone who attended high school formal dances in those years, I can attest to the verisimilitude of the overall vibe of this video.

Sure, you can point out certain anachronisms. Klara and Johanna’s hairstyles, for example, are from opposite ends of the decade. And the “I want to believe” poster is inspired by the “X Files” which debuted in 1993, and there weren’t any teenagers left in America with feathered hair in 1993.

But still, so much of this video feels absolutely correct. Especially the slow dancing, swaying back and forth with the girl’s hands on the boy’s shoulders and the boy’s hands on the girl’s hips. I don’t know if that’s still how kids slowdance today, but that’s totally how we did it back in the day.

We, however, were never abducted by aliens.

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New First Aid Kit video: It’s a Shame

Video: First Aid Kit – “It’s a Shame”

First Aid Kit - It's a Shame (Video)

Single out now on Columbia Records/Sony.

I’ve loved First Aid Kit since I first heard “Emmylou” five years ago with its references to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash. When I finally got to see them live — at Lollapalooza 2015 — they were even more impressive. Lead singer Klara was intense and kind of brooding like Buffalo Springfield-era Neil Young, while her sister Johanna was an easy-breezy ray of smiles and flowing sleeves.

The video for “It’s a Shame” parodies that dichotomy with a split-screen stroll through the streets of Stockholm where the two sisters have opposite experiences. Klara told W magazine, “We like the idea of us not being together in the video. In all of our videos we’re always together, holding hands.” Not this time!

The song features the lovely sibling harmonies we’ve come to expect and sad lyrics about just needing a little hookup after a devastating breakup and then feeling bad about it.

Tell me it’s okay
If I ask you to stay
Sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife
I know it’s a shame

They say it’s about “How you want someone to numb the pain. Being alone with all your thoughts is too scary. There is something so sad in wanting someone else to tell you that you’re okay and that you’re not lost when in fact you are.”

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Conor Oberst, Taylor Goldsmith and First Aid Kit – Lua

Maybe we tweeted about this already—I don’t know, who can keep up anymore?—but it’s worth a few more than 120 characters. Conor Oberst links up with “his boy” Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes and the gals from First Aid Kit to sing a truly lovely song on the banks of a lake. “Lua” is a Bright Eyes tracking going way back to 2005 but sounds like it could just as easily be from 1974 Laurel Canyon.

Conor Oberst - Lua (with First Aid Kit & Dawes) - CARDINAL SESSIONS (Haldern Pop Special)

We love some Oberst here at GLONO HQ and if this is an indication of his new album then I guess we best get hopping and add it to the library.

“I know you have a heavy heart, I feel it when we kiss. So many men stronger than me throw their backs out trying to lift it.” That’s some deep shit there. We’re declaring this the last song of the summer of 2014. Grab a Pabst, smoke a J, and take a swim.