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“Lennon Sings Sinatra”

In the world of art there are generally four steps:

  • Creation
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Acquisition

The artist comes up with an idea. That idea is then manifest in some outwardly physical (and possibly) repeatable form. Then that is put out in the world in some way.

The Creation part is as easy to understand as it is difficult to do.

The Production part can take various forms. For example, for a piece of music this might be writing it down in musical notation or recording it on some form of media, whether tape (that can be used to create things like albums) or as a digital file.

Then there is the Distribution. Certainly an artist who is only interested in the Creation part might not even go to the Production step, simply having the music in her head or performing it in the world yet not capturing it so that the performance is ephemeral. But she might want to create artifacts for her own use or edification. In this case, the work of art doesn’t go out into the wider world but it still exists in a form that someone else could have it. (E.g., If Renée Fleming sings in her shower, no matter how wonderful it is, it only exists in that period of time. If she records herself singing in the shower, then that performance exists after the time of the performance.)

In the case of something that has been created and transformed into some sort of artifactual being, there is the possibility for the Acquisition by others: Someone buys the painting or downloads the music.

While this is a linear model that leads from the creator to the object and vice versa, there are situations where there is a disruption because it very well may be the creator is not the person who is thought to be the person who has created the work in question.

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New Willie Nelson video: One for My Baby

Video: Willie Nelson – “One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)”

From My Way, out September 14 on Sony Legacy.

Another one from Willie’s tribute to Frank Sinatra. “One for My Baby” is a classic Johnny Mercer lyric set to a complex Harold tune, originally written for the 1943 Fred Astaire film, The Sky’s the Limit. The scene in which it appears features my all-time favorite dance routine as Astaire drunkenly trashes the hotel bar.

Frank owns it though. Of course he does. It’s the perfect sad sack, drunken, breakup song, which all real Sinatra fans prefer to his ring-a-ding-ding happy songs.

Willie’s version is fine. Mickey Raphael’s distinctive harmonica makes it sound like Willie but the orchestration is a little too generic and snoozeworthy. The strings obscure what otherwise distinguishes this arrangement: Willie’s guitar flourishes and some tasteful pedal steel. It would be much better without the lush stuff.

But hey, Willie’s a legend and can do whatever he wants.

Willie Nelson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Willie Nelson video: Summer Wind

Video: Willie Nelson – “Summer Wind”

From My Way, due September 14 on Sony Legacy.

I love Frank Sinatra. When I was in college I visited a friend in Ann Arbor and we went record shopping and I ended up finding a mint used copy of the 4-CD Reprise Collection. We found somebody to buy us forties and we went back to his apartment and drank and listened to Frank while we thumbed through his roommate’s collection of Penthouse and Hustler magazines.

In a moment permanently etched into my memory, we were in the middle of Disc 2 when we both realized Frank was singing directly to the two of us:

To the guy who’d throw a party if he knew someone to call
Here’s to the losers, bless them all

From then on I’ve always associated “Here’s to the Losers” — and Frank’s Reprise years in general — with being a dopey college kid who dreamed of being all ring-a-ding-ding but in reality was way more dum-dee-dum-dum-dum. Still, good times.

Willie Nelson loves Frank Sinatra too.

“I learned a lot about phrasing listening to Frank,” he recently told AARP. “He didn’t worry about behind the beat or in front of the beat, or whatever — he could sing it either way, and that’s the feel you have to have.”

And now Willie’s releasing a new album, My Way, that pays tribute to Frank with 11 songs he made famous. “Summer Wind” is a breezy tune that originally appeared on Strangers in the Night in 1966. This is the era when 50-year-old Frank was sporting a new Caesar haircut and a new 20-year-old wife named Mia Farrow. Peak Sinatra bravado.

Willie is 85 now and doesn’t need a new haircut or a young wife to proves he’s not slowing down. This will be his second album of 2018, following April’s Last Man Standing. Willie’s cool is effortless.

Willie Nelson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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