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All the Videos From CONAN’s George Harrison Week

If you’ve seen A Hard Day’s Night then you know George was definitely the coolest Beatle. If you’ve seen any clip of him you know it. And so it’s fitting that we celebrate George Harrison Week with Conan O’Brien and a cast of friends, family and admirers. Beck Kicks it off with “Wah Wah” and … Continue reading All the Videos From CONAN’s George Harrison Week

George Harrison’s Apple Records Remastered, Re-released

The last few have been banner years for Beatles fans. The band’s catalog has been remastered in mono and stereo for digital and vinyl release, volume one of Mark Lewisohn’s meticulously researched trilogy was released, and both McCartney and Lennon back catalogs have also been getting the reissue/repackage/repackage treatment—replete with extra goodies. And now George … Continue reading George Harrison’s Apple Records Remastered, Re-released

Lost Classic: Ron Wood – I’ve Got My Own Album to Do

Ron Wood - I've Got My Own Album to DoJust before he became a Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood was a party man with the coolest cats in rock and roll. His first solo album hits the highs and lows of 1974 with a star studded cast of extras.

Traveling Wilburys Reissued

Traveling Wilburys Reborn With Rhino. Billboard: “After being out of print for more than a decade, the two studio albums from all-star band the Traveling Wilburys will return to the marketplace in a variety of formats June 12…” Too bad they’re not releasing a remix that eradicates Jeff Lynne’s awful production…


So now another is gone. George Harrison, the “Quiet Beatle.” Cancer. Horrible. In some regards, Harrison was the Rodney Dangerfield of the group. Sure, Ringo seemed to be the one who could get little, if any respect. But the difference is that Harrison actually earned it. While I have previously argued that the Beatles are … Continue reading Adieu