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Ghostface Killah a/k/a Chunky Mario Delight

Ghostface and Raekwon

I always thought it would be funny to make up funny stories about our Founding Fathers, but this is pretty good, too. How I Spread A Lie About Ghostface Killah, or Why You Should Not Trust Goddamn Wikipedia:

To me, at least, it seems like skepticism is at its lowest point ever since the goddamn Apple Pie, Post-WWII era when everyone believed everything. And considering that every man, woman and baby has access to basically all information everywhere forever these days, skepticism is incalculably valuable. As David Byrne once croaked, “It takes a lot of time to push away the nonsense,” but if you don’t bother pushing it away, one day you’ll end up lookin’ like a fool.

But if it’s on the internet it has to be true, right? Right? No? Oh.

Via Idolator.

MP3: Ghostface Killah – “Charlie Brown” (Guns N Bombs remix) (courtesy of Forkcast)

Photo by Alan M. Paterson. See more of his Pitchfork 2008 photos here and here.

Notes from the Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Music FestivalPitchfork Music Festival

Chicago, July 18-20, 2008

So I’m standing around early on Friday night while Mission of Burma rips through Vs., and out of the backstage VIP area walks this short guy wearing a giant Professor Griff t-shirt. You know those tribute shirts where the whole shirt is a picture of Biggie‘s face? Like that, but with a picture of Public Enemy‘s alleged anti-Semite, Professor Griff.

It takes me a moment to realize this guy is, of course, Professor Griff. He’s walking around the crowd before his set, begging to be noticed. And this weird moment of awesome bravado and icky self-promotion is a pretty fair metaphor for the entire P-Fork Fest.

This yearly congregation of college radio nerds, fashion victims, art students, burnouts, baristas, and meatheads in Chicago’s Union Park is getting bigger and bigger. With an overstuffed line-up of hipster favorites and a smart, well-ordered setup, this is still the best-run festival in America. But it wasn’t without headaches, creeping corporate sponsorship, and a shit-ton of humidity.

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2008: Photos

MuddyThe Pitchfork Music Fest was doused in rain this year. But that didn’t keep GLONO photographer Alan M. Paterson from getting his feet muddy in order to get some good shots.

We’ll feature more coverage of the bands over the next few days, but for now you can feel like you were there by looking at the following photos…

Update: Day One; Days 2-3.


See the photos after the jump…

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