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Video of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero

In case anyone’s confused about why Dave Grohl, Krist Noveselic, and now reportedly Courtney Love (who approved the deal) would care about the use of Kurt Cobain‘s likeness in Guitar Hero need look no further than this video:

Video: Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5

Love has threatened to sue Activision for allowing Cobain to be used in Guitar Hero 5 to sing songs by other artists, which baffles Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig who told the NME that Cobain’s estate (controlled by Courtney Love) was fully aware of the terms of the contract to license Cobain’s likeness and that she “cashed the check.”

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Videogames Inspire Real Life

Wired talks about how Guitar Hero and Rock Band are inspiring gamers to get off their geeky asses and learn to play the real guitar, Gateway Drug to Six-String Bliss:

Aaron Starke, a 20-year-old gamer from Sugar Land, Texas, was turned on to the guitar about three months ago after a job at Fry’s Electronics got him playing his fair share of Guitar Hero.

“I play expert mode on pretty much everything,” Starke said about his guitar-gaming prowess. Like Grondah, he found that learning to play a real guitar requires more patience than toying with a plastic, guitar-shaped game controller.

This means that in a couple of years we can expect MySpace to be flooded with dorkmetal bands! Will the nerds be disappointed when they find out that in the real world it takes more than just “expert-level” playing to gain fans? All kidding aside, this can only be a good thing for rock and roll. Right?

But this isn’t just affecting young kids. One of the original founders of Glorious Noise recently emailed me to say: “I have reached the point in Rock Band where the amount of practice it’s going to take to get better makes me feel embarassed. So I’m going to be giving the real guitar another go.” Let’s wish them all a whole bunch of luck!

Guitar (Anti-) Hero

Rock bandI like to have a good time. I like parties and I like to talk to my friends on those rare occasions when we all actually get together in real life (as opposed to this virtual world we seem to be falling into deeper and deeper). So, it is with great anticipation that I approach the Annual Winterfest in Brutus, Michigan that has become the de facto GLONO retreat every February. It’s a chance for me to get some snowboarding in and to debate everything from the latest Oasis album to Hillary’s implosion with people for whom I hold the highest respect and regard.

This year, however, saw the return of an unwelcome guest. A rude scourge who interrupts conversation and monopolizes the stereo. I am talking about the ever growing intrusion of Guitar Hero/Rock Band on what should be an otherwise perfectly good time.

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GLONO Founders Retreat

Glorious Noise Founders RetreatThe following photos might look like just a bunch of wasted white dudes playing video games in a freezing garage, but no. There’s more to it than that. Way more.

What you’re about to see is a sneak peak behind the scenes into the Glorious Noise Founders Retreat at the annual Brutus Snowfest in the wilderness of Northern Michigan. The idea is that each year a cabal of sharp music strategists—including the gang that founded this very web site—gather for a weekend symposium to hash out an issues agenda for the future of rock and roll.

Our intention, as it is every year, was to compile our findings into a de facto rock and roll platform to be distributed via Glorious Noise. Unfortunately, the summit meeting’s results proved to be not only unpublishable, but utter gibberish.

Ah… madness, madness… where will it end?

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