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New Sub Pop Mix Tape

horse-8808.gifMaybe in honor of the death of Geocities, the fine folks at Sub Pop have put up a fantastic new mini-site where you can download a 14-song mix from the label’s recent releases.

Of course, 11 of the 14 tracks were already available on their regular website, but this lets you grab it all in one handy zip file. Plus, the site just looks great!

1. Vetiver – “Strictly Rule”

2. Handsome Furs – “I’m Confused”

3. Mark Sultan – “Hold On”

4. Red Red Meat – “Gauze”

5. Obits – “Pine On”

6 .The Vaselines – “Son of a Gun”

7. Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos”

8. Iron and Wine – “Belated Promise Ring”

9. Tiny Vipers – “Dreamer”

10. Zak Sally – “Why We Hide”

11. Fruit Bats – “My Unusual Friend”

12. Pissed Jeans – “False Jesii Part 2”

13. Grand Archives – “Silver Among the Gold”

14. Flight of the Conchords – “Hurt Feelings”

Bonus tracks:

Iron and Wine – “The Trapeze Swinger”

Handsome Furs – “Radio Kaliningrad”

Fleet Foxes – “White Winter Hymnal”

Recent Songs from Subpop

Subpop is a label that’s been pretty cool about MP3s. They give away one download per release, and they put it out there at the same time they send out the promos. It’s a smart idea, of course, since it allows fans to hear a song and get excited about an upcoming release.

Pissed Jeans – “People Person” from Hope For Men, out now.

Jennifer Gentle – “Take My Hand” from The Midnight Room, out now.

Handsome Furs – “Cannot Get, Started” from Plague Park, out now.

Kinski – “Punching Goodbye Out Front” from Down Below It’s Chaos, out now.

Flight of the Conchords – “Business Time” from The Distant Future EP, out now.

Arthur & Yu – “There Are Too Many Birds” from In Camera, out now.

Band of Horses – “Is There a Ghost” from Cease to Begin, out October 9.

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