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New Hanson video: Finally It’s Christmas

Video: HANSON – “Finally It’s Christmas”

From Finally It’s Christmas, out now on S-Curve Records.

The good old Hanson brothers. Twenty years after the irresistible “MMMBop” broke through and made the Oklahoma teens superstars, they’ve still managed to stick around. Remember the concept of one-hit wonders? Does that even exist today? What about “15 minutes of fame”? Nobody drops off the face of the earth anymore. Once you achieve a certain level of fame in the post-monoculture world, you’re apparently always going to be around.

In the case of Hanson, I’m glad they’re here. They’ve always treated their success with a kind of good-natured bemusement, seemingly aware of the silliness of the hysteria of their peak. They were nice boys and now they seem like nice thirty-somethings. (Yes, even little Zak is 32 now…which might be a little too old to be thrashing around a spray-painted Kurt Cobain bedroom like he does in this video.)

The other thing that has always differentiated Hanson from their prefab 90s peers is their songwriting abilities and an ear for a super catchy power pop hook. This Christmas song showcases everything that has always made them so charming.

One of the things I love about Christmas music is the formula. It’s like a “Phineas and Ferb” episode: you know the rules, but what makes it interesting is to see how they work them in. Will there be jingle bells in this song? Yes, yes there will.

If you had asked me in 1997 if I’d be listening to and thinking about a new Hanson song in 2017, I’d have scoffed. No matter how talented and charismatic those kids seemed to be, I would have assumed that the industry would just chew them up and spit them out.

Then again, who would have guessed that Donny and Marie Osmond would be still have careers in showbiz?

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Hanson vs. The Blues Brothers

Video: Hanson – “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”

Okay, we’re a few months late to the party, but this video is great. The song is pretty good, too. Taylor Hanson does his best Ray Charles impression as the boys pay homage to the Blues Brothers with the first single from their new album, Shout It Out, out now on the band’s own 3CG Records. The attention to detail is remarkable, and they even recruited Weird Al to shake a tambourine just like “Magic Tone” Murph! It’s obvious these guys really love the movie.

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Tinted Windows: Power Pop Supergroup

Jim DeRogatis talks to former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha about Tinted Windows, his new band that features members of Hanson, Cheap Trick, and Fountains of Wayne:

Well, Adam [Schlesinger] and I are friends, and we have these various businesses together: We have our recording studio in Chelsea, and we had the label together [Scratchie], but we lost the backing from New Line because everyone got fired there. I was talking to him one day and he was friends with Taylor Hanson; they’ve been friends since Fountains of Wayne’s and Hanson’s first records came out and the guy who signed Tinted Windows told Adam in the ’90s, “You should write with these kids from Oklahoma.”

We came up with this idea of Adam and Taylor singing over loud guitars and doing a power-pop record, trying to keep it down and dirty: no keyboards, no three-part harmonies, with references like the Buzzcocks, the Knack and the Ramones–just all things fun and loud. So the three of us all wrote songs that fit that concept; then we figured, “Well, we have to get a drummer.” We had a couple of ideas, one of the references I said was, “He has to play like Bun E. Carlos!” Then we went, “Hey, let’s call Bun E. Carlos! All he can do is say no.” We sent him the demos and he went, “I’m into it!” He came to New York and rocked like no one’s business and we did the record in two days.

MP3: Tinted Windows – “Kind of a Girl” (courtesy of Rolling Stone)

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Hanson – The Walk

Hanson - The WalkHansonThe Walk (3CG)

Ten years ago, I was in fifth grade. Everyone around me was listening to the Backstreet Boys, but I had a different favorite band. I was madly in love with Hanson.

I fell for their sweet lyrics, their pop hooks and the fact that they were my age. My poor father had to buy every album they put out because, well, I begged him for them. (The odd thing is that during the peak of their fame, they only put out one real album of their own original work. The rest of their catalogue included a Christmas album, a disc of demos from when they were even younger, and a concert album.)

By the time I was in seventh grade, my interest in them was waning and had faded entirely by the time I entered high school. Part of it was indirect peer pressure and part of it was that I was so burnt out on their songs and longed for something deeper. I never got rid of those CDs, but I became embarrassed that I ever listened to them. During this time, the band faded into obscurity, becoming nothing more than an irrelevant pop culture joke. They released an album in 2000, but I didn’t know it at the time, nor did I care.

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Hanson: It’s Just Good

It sounds like the Hanson boys are getting hip on us now. Check out this quote from an article on rollingstone.com: “There’s more reckless abandon on this record,” says Taylor [Hanson]. “A sense that we’re not gonna over-think things. I wanna leave space for people to hear the parts, the grit of the guitar or the driving rhythms. Not to say it’s not gonna be tight and that the songs won’t be pop . . . I love writing songs with that hook, that’s what I enjoy, like every Big Star song. But I want people to feel it. I want people to instantaneously be drawn in and go, ‘I don’t know why I like it. I don’t care if it’s Hanson or Black Sabbath, it’s just good.'”

Could their next album be good? They’re working with Matthew Sweet on a song. Who knows?