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New Ian Brown song: First World Problems

Video: Ian Brown – “First World Problems”

Ian Brown - First World Problems

From Ripples, due March 1 on Virgin EMI. Single out now on Black Koi.

In June, 2017 Ian Brown teased an audience at what is to date, the Stone Roses’ last show. As things at Hampden Park in Glasgow came to a close, Brown reportedly said, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened.”

Nobody from the band has commented on if the band has broken up again, let alone why, but by looking at the first video from Brown’s new album we can venture a guess: “I don’t need ’em.”

Cruising around on a low-rider bike to a clavichord-driven jam, Ian Brown stops by the riverside to occasionally noodle out the various bits of the song. First a three-note guitar solo, then the heavily Mani-like bass line, and finally a quick shot of Ian behind the kit. It all ends in dramatic fashion as Brown tosses a guitar into the river, perhaps a not-too-subtle message for John Squire?

All things considered, it’s a cool song. But I can’t help wondering how it would sound with the backing of his bandmates. It seems tailor made for Squire’s wah funk guitar work, and maybe somewhere in the vaults is a version of just that? Given the unpredictability of the Roses, we may never know. Or we might? Who knows?

In the meantime, go for a ride with the Monkey King and let’s hope the rest of the album is this cool.

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Ian Brown: Not a Crackhead

While promoting the release of his new solo album, former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown wanted to clarify a few misperceptions:

Because of my cheekbones, people think I’m a crackhead. When the Roses first came out, the early reviews used to call me simian. I had to look that up at the time. Then they used to call me androgenous. Then somewhere down the line, through all the Madchester thing, it became, “He’s a crackhead.” I’ve never even tried crack, I’ve never taken heroin. I didn’t start smoking weed until I was 22.

So there you have it, straight from the monkey’s mouth. Ian Brown is a square…with crackhead cheekbones.

MP3: Ian Brown – Guardian interview

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Ian Brown Rejects John Squire Song

In an interview with the BBC Ian Brown claims that his former Stone Roses bandmate John Squire sent him a new song to consider recording for his new solo album:

Brown admitted he actually liked the track, but his son advised him not to use it: “Kid said, ‘Look dad, was he looking out for you back then? Are you sure you wanna do that?'”Brown might not be the biggest fan of Squire, after their rift, but he admitted the guitarist and songwriter still has talent.”I could have fitted on the first three minutes of the tune, it was pretty good,” he said. “He definitely did it with me in mind because it had electronic, hip-hop drums on it and I thought, ‘Whoever’s done that must have heard me solo stuff’. He’s still got it, it’s good.”

This sounds fishy to me. Squire has made it abundantly clear lately that he’s focused on his art now, and has “no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group the Stone Roses.” But who knows? All we know for sure is that there’s no way in hell that Ian Brown’s latest solo album is going to come anywhere close to being in the same league as the work he and Squire made together. Oh, and Ian Brown’s kid needs to learn to shut the fuck up.

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Stone Roses Discuss Remastering Their Debut

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses The NME has a great little interview with Stone Roses vocalist Ian Brown and producer John Leckie on the remastering of the band’s debut album, which will be re-issued in August 2009. Check out the two of them talking about the original recording sessions (way back in 1988!) and their efforts to remaster the album to its originally intended sonic depth. They also discuss some b-side gems in consideration, including a 33 minute backwards-tracked bit of madness!

More. Pitchfork has the track listing.

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Stone Roses Bassist: 2009 is Perfect Time for Reunion

Now that Johnny Marr has scuttled hopes for a Smiths reunion, the NME has promptly switched gears and is focusing on The Stone Roses.

An article on NME.com quotes Roses bassist Mani as saying 2009 is the perfect time for a reunion and that ¾ of the band are ready to go. The only holdout, according to Mani, is singer Ian Brown.

“Me, John [Squire, guitarist] and Reni [drums] are up for doing it and Ian just needs some working on,” he told internet TV site Channelbee.

Apparently familiar with the NME’s power to persuade erstwhile bands to reform, Reni makes the call and seems to encourage the magazine’s efforts.

“Next year is the 20th anniversary of the first album. It’s the ideal time to do it. It’s something I would love to do before we are all fat and bald. Start the campaign.”

We’ll see…

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Ten "Fiercest" British Frontmen Revealed

Jake has long bemoaned the fact that British singers all sound like pansies. [Specifically, English singers -ed.] It’s his main argument for abandoning a genre that once fueled his music collection and has led to hilarious arguments at countless bars with me and Loftus. But is the Old Man right?

MuchMusic has a list of the The 10 Fiercest British Frontmen Of The Past Decade and I gotta say, there’s a fair amount of dandy-ism on display and maybe only one dude I definitely wouldn’t fight in an alley (Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, who I am sure would fight dirty to protect his hair).

Seven sissies I could stomp and three dudes I would not fight after the jump.

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