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Cha-chingThe last time the music industry made much noise, it was a shrill whining sound that was all about the horrible plight that they were experiencing, given that so many mean, nasty, uncaring people were sharing music, despite the fact that “sharing” is one of those good things that one is supposed to have learned in kindergarten. The consequence of this sharing was that the music companies were claiming that they were losing all kinds of income. The fact that, perhaps, there was more than a little something related to the fact that the music that they were putting out was something less that desirable by as many people as they’d hoped (i.e., they were predicating the busting out of the champers and singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” every time they put out a new disc by groups of individuals that were going to sell a bazillion copies), doesn’t seem to have occurred to them. So instead of performing a little self-analysis (“Um, gee, folks, maybe we screwed up on this one. . .”), they decided that they’d sue. Out went the lawyers from the RIAA, finding all of those mean, nasty deviants who were taking the caviar off the tables of the music executives.

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