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New Weezer video: Memories (ft. Jackass)

Video: Weezer – “Memories”

It’s funny to remember that Glorious Noise began before Weezer‘s green album. Back then, I had a lot of hope for their future. Like a lot of fans, I was disappointed when the follow-up to Pinkterton finally came out (Weezer vs. the Record Industry: Guess Who Won, 2001). I concluded that piece with the following:

Let’s hope this one sells millions of copies so they feel liberated enough to follow it up with a little bit of forward evolution. Is that lame of me to even think that way? Am I being suckered by a corporate marketing machine into consuming goods I don’t even enjoy? I honestly don’t know. After all, I’m just a fan.

Ah, naivete. So where does that leave us? With memories…and nostalgia. But it’s always fun to see a guy take a ball in the face. Fuck aging gracefully. Let’s bust out some rad skateboard tricks!

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