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Joanna Newsom, sometimes I love you

Joanna Newsom - Have One On MeJoanna NewsomHave One On Me (Drag City)

“So I thought I hated her, like, but, then, I didn’t,” sounds like a line from the mumblecore film “The Puffy Chair” or a line from that new (and cringe-worthy) show “How To Make It In America.” Lucky for you it’s neither of those mediocre twenty-something productions but something far more superior: my inner-twenty-something-dialogue. Now who wants to be the water boy for the mumblecore flick I’m making called “Joanna Newsom, I’m pretty sure I’ve decided I love you,” shooting this upcoming fall?

Experiencing her third major release and ambitious two-hour long album Have One On Me, I finally came to a decision: her music is one-part beautiful, one-part one part jarring and confusing, and two-parts cinematic. And the sum of its parts is one wild ride, most of which I like being on.

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New MGMT video – Kids

I think you all know how much we love this band. Their freaky videos are a big part of why and this shit is crazy freaky. As my man Bennett said, “sometimes Joanna Newsom’s gotta be your Mom and drop you and you have to wear cool headbands and run from monsters and turn into a cartoon where you trip seeing hamburgers hot dogs and pizza.”

Video: MGMT – “Kids”

Fer real.

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