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Teenager Pays $20,000 to Hang with Tool

Josh Freese, Thomas Mrzyglocki and studio owner-engineer Tom Weir listen to a track that will probably make its way onto iTunes within the next few months. Photo: Dave Bullock/Wired.comSession drummer Josh Freese has been in Devo, the Vandals, and A Perfect Circle, and he’s played with Nine Inch Nails, Paul Westerberg, Kelly Clarkson, and tons of other bands. He’s also got a solo career, and he came up with a kooky version of the “pay what you want” scheme for his upcoming album with packages ranging from $7 to $75,000.

Little did he know that some dumb 19 year old would actually fork over the dough for the $20,000 package.

To avoid a birthday bummer, the Florida teen treated himself to the $20,000 package, which featured a mini-golf game with Tool singer Maynard James Keenan and Devo front man Mark Mothersbaugh. Freese plays drums in Devo and in one of Keenan’s side projects, A Perfect Circle.

Mrzyglocki’s friends were shocked when he told them what he’d done.

“Their jaws dropped instantly,” he said.

Some tried to reason with him, saying he should buy a car with the money instead, but Mrzyglocki said he’s landed something much more valuable.

“Almost anybody can buy a car,” said Mrzyglocki, who’s a senior in high school. “Only one person gets to buy Josh Freese’s limited-edition package.”

It’s a shame the kid didn’t go for the $75,000 package which included “taking shrooms and cruising Hollywood in Danny from Tool’s Lamborghini.” See the rest of packages after the jump…

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