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New Jon Spencer video: Do The Trash Can

Video: Jon Spencer – “Do The Trash Can”

Jon Spencer - Do The Trash Can

From Spencer Sings the Hits due this fall on Shove Records/In the Red.

Jon Spencer recorded his first solo album at the Key Club in Benton Harbor, Michigan with Sam Coomes from Quasi and drummer Mike Sord from Kalamazoo.

Spencer told Rolling Stone, “Sam is someone with whom I have crossed paths many times over the years, I have always been a fan of his wild keyboard style and twisted tunesmith-ery. In fact we kicked around the idea of a collaboration way back in the early Aughts. I got to know Sord from many projects done at the Key Club (Andre Williams, JSBX, & Boss Hog), he was the handyman and assistant engineer that turned out to be a great drummer.”

“Do The Trash Can” has everything you’d want in a Jon Spencer song: snarled vocals, caveman drums, Stoogey guitar riffs, and incitement to get down and dance. You can also hear them banging on old car parts.

“Nothing like digging the gas tank from an old Chevy out of a Michigan junkyard snow bank in January. Junkyard owner kept asking me if the metal was for a school project, but as a bluegrass player he could understand the possible use for a recording session.”

Jon Spencer: twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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The Kills Work Hard for the Money

The KillsThe Kills at the Empty Bottle

November 27, 2004, Chicago

When the Kills herked and sloe-eyed their way through the Magic Stick in April 2003, it seemed like the duo hated the audience at least as much as they wanted to fuck everyone in it. They flirted with jutting guitar necks and long, piking limbs, but would lick the end of a live wire before they’d look us in the eye. Songs like “Superstition” and “Fuck the People” were certainly hot in a this-bathroom-counter-supports-the-weight-of-two sort of way, but the duo’s bug eyes, flop sweat, and general fuming irritability kept ownership of the songs on their side of the stage monitors. For the audience, it was both sexy and frustrating.

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