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To Gig and Die in L.A.

Kiss or KillWhat happens when you can’t break into the LA scene? Well, you know what they say; Can’t beat ’em? Fuck ’em… Glorious Noise interviewed Matt Southwell of the band Bang Sugar Bang, who started their own club when they found booking by traditional means to be a hassle. Instead of try and try again, Southwell and Co. took matters into their own hands and ended up with a fanbase that’s small but dedicated—something most bands would kill for.

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Kiss or Kill Club Presents Los Angeles Classics Vol. 1

VariousKiss or Kill Club Presents Los Angeles Classics Vol. 1 (War Room Records)

What is punk, who is punk, where is punk? It’s been over 30 years since punk broke and we have less of an idea what it is today than we did when Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, and Tommy gave it to us.

And here we have a punk compilation of 11 bands who don’t at all sound alike, yet share a common groove in punk rock. From the joyous pop of the Randies‘ “Boys in Stereo” to the Deadboys-inspired Deadbeat Sinatra (mp3), to the early 90s buzz and melody of King Cheetah‘s “Victoria in Reverse” (mp3), a lot of ground is covered. The only sub-genres missing seem to be straight edge and ska.

The Kiss or Kill mob has been building their own scene in LA for a couple of years and have recently begun to take their acts on the road. This comp is a great sampler of bands you MUST see live.

MP3 of Bang Sugar Bang’s “Super Cool” is also available.